Hello Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I completely understand your confusion but I very much appreciate your multi-talents. You have also scored pretty high in tenth class. Wonderful! May I ask you what you want to do in future? Have you thought any time on what you want to become? Have you ever liked any famous personality and can you reason out why you like and also in what profession are they in? Have you got any role model who inspired you the most? If you can try to explain these questions to yourself you will achieve some clarity to know what interests yo

Chetan Bhagat is one of the most prominent writer of a contemporary time. He has written books which became bestsellers and has also served as an inspiration for Bollywood movies . He had also been categorized under 100 most influential people by Times Magazine. He is most read and vivid writer in India at present. his life journey is interesting and had inspired lots of younger generation  You can go through the following slide and get more inspired through his life story  Tales of Great Careers - Chetan Bhagat from CareerGuide.com

Hello aspirant      To get a career in writing, one needs genuine interest in writing added with a relevant degree in writing. I see one of our counsellors at Mera career guide, Mr Rahul Shinde has already advised you on technical writing. In case you are interested in writing other than technical, my counselling will benefit you. You need to have done the regular schooling like the 10th and 12th and pass with a minimum first class.    Then study a Bachelors degree relevant to writing. for this you are advised to choose BA English, BA English litera

Hi Saakshi,   That sounds good. First, identify your area of interest and skills you require for the same. Then, explore the opportunities and zero in your career choice.   Wish you good luck!

You can go for BA English literature course. Best available options for pursuing the course are JMI, Pondicheri university, Lovely Professional University etc. You can get much exposure when you are pursuing the course in these institute. 

It is a false notion that writers do not experience social interactions. They actually do in a number of circumstances as described below:For doing the research they have to go to different locations and interact with a variety of people. This gives them plenty of opportunities to experience social interactions.Writers have to interview a number of people for writing their stories. This again helps them in interacting with different types of people.Writers cannot work alone without coordinating with their team members. They have to coordinate with the information providers, then editors and ev

totally yes color by number    

Hello Saranya,  Please note as such there is no such graduation or degree course in content writing as such. Only private institutes offers short term courses, which you can blindly opt for. In terms of qualifications, as such knowledge of writing is essential. Hence you can pursue a course in Journalism. But more important is knowledge of the content that one is supposed to write. Hence indepth knowledge and customer preference is needed. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck..

Hi Alok.. Basically the Bachelor of Fine Arts contains the courses on Drawing/ Painting, Computer Graphics, Photography, Sculpture etc. So it is up to your talent and interest, the courses you have to study while pursuing this course. You can avail details regarding this course from the websites of leading institutes in this field like Jamia Milia Islamia, Lovely Professional University, Rabindra Bharata University, Arch Academy etc. 

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MBIPC What is MBIPC? MBIPC is nothing just Maths Bio Physics Chemistry or In a simple way PCMB so ya both are the same MBIPC is the group of subjects taken in class 11th and 12th as science stream. Choosing MBIPC is a big step because you have to study hard for boards because all the 4 subjects in mbipc require time to study. The benefit of taking MBIPC The main benefit is you can choose which field you wana go engineering or medical because you can prepare for both NEET and JEE . Mbipc subjects are critical in today's world, as we all know. It has also become a basic topic in every major Indi

Hello Vandana, Interesting career choice. But before I answer your query, I wish you had supported me by mentioning your qualification as such. Since your question is posted in the Media section, most probably you are or are seeking to pursue career as a Journalist and that too in the medical field. Please note there is a major difference between being a Medical Writer and a Medical Journalist. A medical writer is mainly from the Pharmacy background or from the Science background with knowledge about medicine and its components. They are the ones who write in details about the medicines right

Dear Aspirant, For working the space research organisations like ISRO, NASA, etc. a very basic qualification of Masters in Physics, Mathematics, AstroPhysics is mandatory. A PhD in Physics, AstroPhysics, Mathematics is also required. In other words, you need to be academically very strong to enter into such organisations for research jobs. Best wishes