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Reporter is a professional who does the research, gets the right information about an event or happening and present it to the coworkers who pass the information to the common people through different media channels.

The typical day of a reporter is extremely challenging and requires great deal of commitment. They have to go out and do the research in order to thoroughly investigate the issue. It is not a job that offers you comfort in the air conditioned offices. It throws you new challenges every day. And you have to face them boldly. It is also one of the most satisfactory jobs as well. Let's have a look at this video which explains the day in the life of a Press Reporter.It is not just a well paid job but also rewards you in multiple ways. For example it earns you a lot of poularity. Also, you get

Journalism or reporting is an academic study concerned with the collection and editing of news or the management of a news medium. The career life of a journalist or a reporter is very exciting. A reporter is a person who collects the information regarding the happening of certain events and reports it to the public. He/ she have the responsibility to deliver correct and timely news to the public. The news should be free from any bias and should not hinder the personal interests of a community or individual in any way. Journalism, being one of the prime career choices among students entru

Hello Anand,  Economics is the only profession which makes the ultimate use of numbers. Mainly an economist is into research and anlaysis of data using mathematical tools like statistics, calculus, formulas etc. Thus as an economist you can work in.the banks, financial analyst, financial advisor, statistician, risk analyst, business investor (advising business as to the risk and or benefits in an investment), business developer, government advisor or ambassador (IAS).  To work as an IAS you need to appear for civil service exams after your graduation. You could also pursue a course i