You can apply to mass communication course at Graduation level. If you have completed your graduation in any stream then apply for Post Graduate in Mass communication course and choose radio as specialization. Check this link:

The typical day of a Radio Jockey is very exciting and involves a large number of activities: The say starts with reading the news. They have to stay updated about the latest happenings around the world. They check their emails regularly to see if there is urgent requirement from the radio station. After that, the work on their playlist. This takes a lot of time as the planning of the programhas to be done accordingly. They have to take in to consideration the commercials and the jingles etc. Some Radio Jockeys prefer scripting while others go by the spontaneity. Scripting requires pre pla

You must know that the job of a Radio Jockey is not boring at all and in fact it is pretty exciting. Let me explain the reasons below why and how they get to enjoy their job all the time:1. Radio Jockeys do not work whole day. You must be knowing that a [Radio Jockey doesn't host more than one or two shows on the daily basis][1]. Which means most of their time is spent outside the radio stations and therefore are not confined to the room.2. Radio Jockeys have to coordinate with other staff members to plan the show and make any changes if required. A lot of discussions go behind the show that