You can apply to mass communication course at Graduation level. If you have completed your graduation in any stream then apply for Post Graduate in Mass communication course and choose radio as specialization. Check this link:

The typical day of a Radio Jockey is very exciting and involves a large number of activities: The say starts with reading the news. They have to stay updated about the latest happenings around the world. They check their emails regularly to see if there is urgent requirement from the radio station. After that, the work on their playlist. This takes a lot of time as the planning of the programhas to be done accordingly. They have to take in to consideration the commercials and the jingles etc. Some Radio Jockeys prefer scripting while others go by the spontaneity. Scripting requires pre pla

You must know that the job of a Radio Jockey is not boring at all and in fact it is pretty exciting. Let me explain the reasons below why and how they get to enjoy their job all the time:1. Radio Jockeys do not work whole day. You must be knowing that a [Radio Jockey doesn't host more than one or two shows on the daily basis][1]. Which means most of their time is spent outside the radio stations and therefore are not confined to the room.2. Radio Jockeys have to coordinate with other staff members to plan the show and make any changes if required. A lot of discussions go behind the show that

Since 1999 the radio industry in India has seen an overhaul with many competitors lining up and jostling spaces for achieving success.  Previously, they were known as ‘announcers’ but right now they are known as radio jockey who’s no lesser than a celebrity status. While there are various pros and cons of the career selection, it’s one of the coveted professions which youngsters prefer taking up nowadays. It’s basically a fusion of music and performing arts, it’s a condition of connecting people under the same platform and it has flexible working hours.

If you are a talkative and extrovert person, then being a radio jockey will be the best career of your choice. A radio jockey must have a good knowledge of music. A course in radio jockeying will give an additional advantage to you. After the successful completion of the course, you might get absorbed in any company in the entertainment industry. The various scopes you can possess after successful completion of a course in radio jockeying are: Being a radio jockey in All India Radio Being a radio jockey in FM channels Being a freelance comparer for some program Working as a voice-over artist

Are you a talkative person and aspire to be a radio jockey in future? Perhaps you in the right track and desire to be a successful professional by choosing a career of your choice. There are various pre- requisites and challenges to this field; there are rewards also and one be acquainted with the scopes attached to this profession. The process of becoming a radio jockey is not a simple one neither tough. An aspirant after completion of 10+2 level can opt to undergo various courses on radio jockeying. They can be 3 months, 6 months or even 1-year duration. After he has completed successfully t

Are you an extrovert person and desire to be heard always? Do you feel that interaction is your passion and you want to achieve it on a more popular platform? Are you the one who want to make your hobby a career? Perhaps you are on the right track to be a radio jockey. Apart from good communication and openness, there are many other pre- requisites for this field. Let’s have a look at the major challenges and requirements of the profession. Pre- requisites of being a radio jockey   A smart and talkative person can be a good radio jockey, but apart from these qualities, there are oth

Are you an interactive and a witty person? Do you want to make your hobby a profession? Perhaps radio jockeying will be the most interesting profession for you. Let’s have a look at how to become a successful radio jockey and the criteria behind this interesting profession. Who is a radio jockey? During the ‘70’s radio used to be a popular past time and entertainment for the mass audience. After the popularity of television gained roots in late 80’s and early 90’s, radio was almost an extinct culture in the urban areas. The rural population was interested in follo

Hi There, Work value at any place or organization remains the same. Everything right from honesty to being punctual to being united with others and at the same time being focused But more important than the values is certain qualities you need to be succesful as a Jockey. Since the major part of your job involves behind the screen. Connecting with the audience si the utmost important. Through your vcals, your gestures etc, you must be able to build a rappport and connect with the audiences. It must be as if one is talking face to face. But connecting is difficult unless and until one is kn

Dear Prakash, Thanks for writing to! First of all, an RJ does not have a regular 9 to 5 job. He can be called to host or anchor a show anytime of the day or night. An RJ has to be very open to himself. Whatever may be your emotions an RJ is always happy. He should be culturally active. He should know his city well, the culture and be aware of main events taking place. You should know of the language or further some dialects of other languages also, to punch in whenever necessary. Since Radio cannot survive without Movies, Songs or Bollywood in terms of India, so awarene

Dear Privaroy, Thanks for writing to! Radio Jockey or RJ is one Profession which will never go down. As music is a therapy and also soul stirring. RJ is a person who entertains people through their lighter notes of music, mimicry or jokes, with some thought provoking social messages, reaches to masses faster as still there are many people who tune into Radio Station much more then TV. Your rate of success depends upon on your creativity, style, passion and ability to connect with people. After five year, based on your skils, you can be a station managers, creative head,

Wow, Interesting and a well known Media related career As such a Radio Jockey is hardly seen on screen but is still known to the masses because of the way he connects with the masses through his voice, his gesture. Please note that as a Radio Jockey, most important quality needed is Connecting with the masses. You may be the best orator, but your diction would be rendered useless if masses are unable to connect with you. Thus the next important quality is Knowledge. You should have knowledge about everything that you can think off. Right from what is expected, to the latests news to the lat

Dear Student, Thanks for writing to Radio Jockey or RJ doesn't require any formal education or training and there are currently no courses available for the same as stated by Career Expert Ms. Meghna. However, if you wish to be an RJ you need to have amazing and very good communication skills. You also need to be spontaneous and quick and your choice of words must be so crisp and minimal that your message is understood easily, quickly and without boredom. Language is another area you need to focus as there are many slots and shows that RJs are specifically assigned. For

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Dear Aspirant, MBA is useless in artistic, creative and innovative fields of work. MBA has no relevance for Radio Jockey. Best wishes