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5 Helpful Tips to Relieve Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

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Mental health is an ongoing debate. A healthy person mentally capable of putting up with social challenges, adapt to change and cope with adversity. In most cases, this often results in fulfilling relationships with other people and providing the ability to increase productivity.


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But no human is without challenges. Mental health problems strike us often. It may arise due to anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationship problems, and many other factors.

Importance of Maintaining Mental Health

According to research by the University of California, San Francisco established, entrepreneurs, suffer from workplace anxiety and depression. Half of those interviewed in the research were indeed victims of this workplace strains.  The research was headed by the institution’s charity clinical professor Dr Michael Freeman.

In as much as being successful and making it in life is the main goal for most human beings, we need to maintain our mental health. Lack of setting reasonable goals that we are likely to achieve can lead to stress, and this may, later on, affect our mental health.

Mental wellness experts suggest five tips that could be helpful in extenuating the workplace stress. They include:

Have a Daily Routine

Did you know those daily routines like gardening, morning runs, walking in nature, playing your favorite music instruments, or canoeing can greatly improve your mood and bolster your confidence? Well, now, you know.

To improve your physical functioning and face daily challenges, get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week.

Break from your  routine official activities

One way to relieve workplace stress is to take a break from official duty. You need to incorporate a balance between your daily job and something completely unrelated to it. Developing a pastime helps you take a break from your work, making you refresh your mind for the next day.

However, for the idea to work, you need to do it in a practically different environment. For example, you can go golfing, catching up with friends, watching entertaining programs, go fishing, or even going for a run. All these activities relax you and take your mind away from the pressures of your job.

Addictive hobbies like gambling don’t manage anxiety, though. For example, if you visit sites such as Comeon India to gamble, you project your feelings of stress onto the gaming excitement. You may never know when to stop, so therefore it is important to play responsibly and keep things your playing habit under control. 

It is never wrong to ask for help

Most of us succumb to our job pressure because we won’t ask for help even when we need it. No matter how good you are, we all need help sometimes. Too much workload may generate stress, thus affecting your mental health. By turning to people for assistance, you are not being weak, but being human. It also helps boost your chemistry with colleagues and boost productivity.

Create Work Boundaries

With modern technology, from handheld devices to laptops, sometimes it becomes easy to carry work home. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, you need to set strict boundaries around what you are willing to do outside your regular office hours.

You can be flexible with your boundaries, for instance, in the cases of crisis or to meet strict deadlines. However, it should not be a habit. By obeying your limits, you can have a meaningful relationship. You can create time for family and friends, which is a good thing for a healthy life.

Embrace Alternative Therapies

We are not talking about visiting a health specialist here, but relaxing activities such as yoga, and aromatherapy that use essential oils that can improve psychological or physical well-being. Alternative therapies are efficient as they elicit positive moods and take our minds away from things we can’t control.


It is normal for us to be anxious in stressful situations like during exams or when we address people for the first time or even when we have to do something out of your comfort zone. But too much stress or anxiety can be as well an indicator of a disease. Take a break more often from your regular job routine, exercise, and participate in co-curricular activities. Spending time with family and friends is also a good way of preventing workplace stress and anxiety.

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