Psychometric Assessment for Professional Skills, helps you to identify your Professional Skill Index. A higher Professional Skill index suggests that a candidate is more likely to be successful in their chosen career.

Provides you personalized report, which will help you to understand your Professional Skill parameter. You can also showcase your report at the time of interview.

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Insight of Your Professional Skill Index Report

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Get Your 3 Ideal Career Recommendations list on basis of scientific data and 5 parameters. These are Motivators, Personality, Aptitude and Interests and your potential

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How does Professional Skill Index Test™ work?

Professional Skill Index Test™ Benefits.

  • Professional Skill Index report would help recruiters identify right candidate for a given post.
  • Professional Skill Index is defined on scale of 10. a high Professional Skill Index, suggests that candidate is more likely to be successful in their chosen Occupation/Position.
  • A low Professional Skill Index is reflection of candidate's poor communication skills, lack of motivation, lack of integrity and ethics, Poor Management, Team Work and other employability skills.
  • This report helps in matching your activity choices, Presence of mind,specific real life work situation’s choice and a typical personality / image required as per different professional skills.

This report is very comprehensive lucid, and easy to understand and the results are displayed in the Table and Graphical forms.

Sample Professional Skill Index Report