Educator's professional skill index is a scientifically validated psychometric test designed for the role and responsibilities of a teacher. Educator's Professional Skill Index can be used at educational institutions for hiring, training and as a self development tool for teachers for both entry level roles, with 0-2 years of experience as well as for experienced positions. The key profiles the test is suitable for are - primary , secondary and high school teachers.

Educator's Professional Skill Selector

How does Educator's Professional Skill Index Test work?

Educator's Professional Skill Index Test Benefits.

  • Psychometric tests are age old process used across defence and corporates for all hiring and training needs.
  • It is used to measure an individual's mental capabilities and behavioural style and are designed to measure a candidate's suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude.
  • The use of psychometric tests on teaching staffs and inside educational institutes will make schooling system revolutionary and progressive.
  • Teaching is a job, and just like any job it requires a number of human qualities ranging from specific knowledge to motivation and personality. It provides its own motivational factors as well as its own well-documented challenges, some inherent in the job, some, arguably, the result of budgetary and policy constraints. And as with any other job, the qualities required can be assessed using appropriate psychometrics.
  • Educator's professional skill index test assesses the individual for 9 must have traits of a teacher, upon completion of the test, a comprehensive report is provided on each trait, an overall summary report and recommendation.
  • Educator's Professional Skill Index will inspire teachers to use the summary report as self development tool. The test is standardised and validated. The test will be helpful tool for schools to imbibe a positive culture among teaching staffs.
  • The skills and personality traits that are measured and analyzed through the Educator's Professional Skill Index Psychometric Test are:
    1. Accountability
    2. Self Management
    3. Kindness/Empathy
    4. Resilience/Managing Emotions
    5. Helpful / Encouragement
    6. Motivation/ Enthusiasm
    7. Integrity
    8. Extroversion
    9. Stress & Anger Management

This report is very comprehensive lucid, and easy to understand and the results are displayed in the Table and Graphical forms.

Sample Educator's Professional Skill Index Report