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5 Ways to Take a Break from Studying

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While it is great to be the kind of student who loves hitting the books, studying too hard can have a detrimental effect on your college experience, leaving you burned out and lacking confidence. Every student needs to take a break from time to time, and here are five great ways to recharge those batteries and enjoy yourself at the same time:

Hit the Gym

Nothing releases all the endorphins and built up aggression from having to revise for exams like a visit to the gym. Whether you’re a fitness buff or have never been to a gym in your life, physical fitness is something you should definitely invest in while you’re at college. Students are known to put on weight in their first year especially, so consider taking a fitness class, hitting the treadmill or pumping some weights as a break from the books.

Go for a Walk

If you’re not a fan of throwing weights around and sweating in gyms, there’s another way to keep active and fit without having to wear any lycra.  Walking is the best way to stimulate your mind. The author Stephen King swears by taking a walk, and he’s written more books than almost anybody else on the planet. If it works for him it can work for you, so see if there are any nice scenic walks in your area and get those walking shoes on. 


Study Break

Visit a Museum

Smartphones and computer screens take up so many of our lives, and none more so than students, so going somewhere that is quiet, fun, educational and without a smartphone in sight is a solid plan. What could be a better place to hide from you college work than to visit a museum? Whether it’s natural history, art, film or something else, there’s just something peaceful about a museum that lets you get out of your own way and open your mind to learn something. For a student, there’s not much better than that.

Take Your Friends to an Escape Room

The Pittsburgh Escape Room is popular with all types of people who want to challenge themselves in a fun environment, and for students, it could be a great way of getting some friends together and taking some time away from their studies. You are given 60 minutes to pass several tasks in order to work towards finding your freedom, and there are several scenarios on offer. You might need to go for a few drinks afterward though, as it can get a little stressful and heated in there if teamwork isn’t your forte.

Pay the Big Screen a Visit

Young people are engaging more with their smartphones and watching Netflix on their iPads than watching TV these days, and even fewer people of that age group are heading to the cinema. However, as a way of getting away from the homework and revision, there’s not much better escapism than heading to the cinema with a huge box of popcorn and a drink you can barely carry. It’s three hours of pure bliss – depending on whether you choose the right film, of course.

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