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Boost Your Career Prospects With These Easy Steps

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Your career is one of the most important elements to your life – the more you work on it, the more it comes to define you. It defines the opportunities you are presented with, your level of income and status, and your ability to lead your life the way you want to. As such, you should always be searching for methods to boost your career prospects, get noticed and bag a better position as you climb your personal career ladder. This article looks at the best ways in which you’ll be able to inject some rocket fuel to your career aspirations.

Unpaid Work

Any time you find yourself out of a job – whether that be in between university terms or after an unexpected redundancy – you should immediately start searching for other roles. Some of the roles you’re most likely to get are unpaid – and they’re the sort of roles that may well get your foot in the door of some of the best companies in the world. Going after such roles also fills gaps in your employment history, and looks impressive on your resumé.

Boost Your Career Prospects With These Easy Steps

Find Ways to Be Unique

When you’re applying for roles or operating within a role from which you’re looking for a promotion, setting yourself up as a uniquely valuable worker will help you get ahead. There are plenty of ways for you to do this in your job search, including:

  • Unique touches to your resumé
  • The submission of extra, impressive work
  • Approaching your favorite companies asking about opportunities – whether or not they’re advertising
  • Undertaking impressive side projects and freelance work in your spare time

If you’re already in a role and you’re hoping to impress your bosses and colleagues, then you could try one of the following methods of depicting yourself as unique:

  • Turn up early for work, and leave late
  • Submit all of your work on time and to the highest standard
  • Pitch your own ideas to your bosses that you’ve worked up at home
  • Find ways to support the staff around you, and develop good working relationships with them

By establishing yourself as a unique asset to your company, you’ll draw the admiring attention of your colleagues – and this can only help you achieve your ambitions for your career.

Continue Your Education

Your education shouldn’t end when you get your first full-time job – on the contrary, learning is life-long and the more skills and qualifications that you accumulate, the more you’ll be able to dazzle employers in the future. There are so many ways that you can augment your existing knowledge – oftentimes alongside your full-time job. They include:

  • Learn through YouTube videos – like tutorials or recorded lectures
  • Take night classes in your local night school
  • Return to university to take a degree or masters program
  • Make use of the open online courses available on the internet
  • Take an online qualification delivered by industry-specialist groups
  • Attend meetings and conferences related to your field

Engaging with the education side of your career progression is certain to bear fruit for you down the line. With more and more educational material heading online for you to consume at your convenience, it’s easier to earn new qualifications to help you climb the career ladder.

By way of example, you are able to work in primary teaching while simultaneously studying a Master of Arts in Teaching online that’ll grant you access to more senior and specialist teaching roles. You’ll just have to put the hours in – but isn’t that what career progression is all about?

Network and Get Known

No matter what your status in your job, you can do your reputation no disservice by being always a kind, patient and diligent worker – someone who’s professional, reliable and likely to earn the approval of their contemporaries. Building such a reputation will mean that you’re always in the conversation where promotions, bonuses and ‘employee of the month’decisions are concerned.

Above and beyond being a good person, you should be aware of the powerful benefits of networking. Wherever you are and whoever you’re talking to, leaving a good impression might come to serve you well as you move through your career. Be active in forming respecting and mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues, clients and third parties who interact with your business – they’ll hold you in high regard and – who knows – could in the future recommend you for a superior position.

Boosting your career prospects takes hard work and dedication – and putting the hours in early in your career will ensure that you’ll soon be cruising in the role that you’ve always dreamed of, looking back on the hard work that got you there with a certain amount of pride.

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