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Fulfilling career development and major concerns around it

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Most of us follow a regular pattern for our career development. We select our career at the age of 13-14 and then just immerse in it. We mostly forget that career is not a one-time process, instead, we need to develop it throughout our lives and take steps to nurture it. At the first step, a student selects what career interests him and then he builds his career while selecting a job and changing careers for some. No matter at what stage you are in your career, whether you are still in the process of selecting a right career for yourself or you are moving towards success in your career, there are certain questions that keep popping up in your mind. Here, we will be sharing some of those most asked questions and how a stunt or a professional can tackle them without getting swayed away by the confusion created by them.

Fulfilling career development and major concerns around it

What are my interests?

For developing a career in a way that it keeps on motivating for a long period and gives you opportunities to develop your career, one should first ask a question- what career interests me the most? Instead of selecting a career based on future scope, one should first see whether that career will also be able to keep your interest intact for a long period. When you select a career based on your interest, you naturally get inclined to learn more and more about that and gives your best to shine among competitors. Knowing your interests is thus the first step of career development. If this step is taken right, it will be helpful in the whole journey of your career growth and development.

What are my skills and talents?

After knowing your interests, the important thing to understand is what are your inherent skills and talents. You should be very clear whether you need to develop the skills required or you already possess those skills. Recognising what you are good at can ease your dilemmas about your career and its growth. There are several people who change their career after spending certain years in a career that was not fit for them. That represents their lack of understanding of their skills. When one is sure of their talents and skills, they can choose the right career where they can see growth coming their way.

What are your dreams?

Well, there are many students who dream of becoming a pilot, another dream of becoming a business tycoon and many more of becoming a doctor. If you have constructive interests and right skills, you can make your dreams your career. You just need the right direction for making your dreams a reality and that can help you understand the areas where you need to work so as to fulfill your dreams. Choosing a career which is your dream gives you a self-motivation and keeps you rejuvenated while you are on it.

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Make contacts and do networking

When you want to develop your career and see growth in it, there is no harm in knowing and coming in contact with people who are already in that career field. In fact, this is one of the most important things that can help you grow and learn from the experienced people. Networking is meeting more and more people within your career profile and maintaining a relationship that can be mutually beneficial to both of you. Careers and businesses are built stronger through networking. From the relationship developed, you get to know the latest updates in the industry that you are working in and you can keep yourself posted about all the new happenings taking place. This can be beneficial for your career growth and development as well.

Higher Education

Let’s say you selected a career in management and do an undergraduate course in it. But for what purpose it will prepare you? An undergraduate course is designed in a way that it can provide you knowledge in all the sectors of your chosen career but if you are interested in excelling one particular sector and get advanced knowledge in that, you should opt for higher studies in that field. For example, within management, there are different fields such as HR, marketing, market research, administration, sales etc. You can opt for one particular field that interests you and gets expertise in that. This will help you grow quickly in your field.


This is one of the biggest issues for the millennials today. At the time of selecting a career, they generally follow what their parents and teachers say but later on realise that the field that they selected was not right for them. Many times, it becomes a difficult decision to whether go for a new career or continue with the older one. At this time, career counselling can be of great help to the students. Career change is not an easy choice and definitely needs a lot of dedication and sincerity. You have little time to excel in a  new field and compete with those who are working in that field for years.

Certifications and Diplomas

These days Universities have started many time friendly courses for the interested students where students can take part in certificate courses and diplomas to enhance their knowledge and profile. This on one side provides them skills that are needed in their field without the need of going to a school again and on the other hand provide them with a chance to get an easy promotion at their work field. There are many companies which are working on this pattern such as Edx and Coursera. These provide a list of courses to all the students in different fields at a very nominal cost.

The above points are helpful in the development of the career of students and professionals and they can take help from these. In addition, they can go for career counseling and psychometric tests which can support them in taking big decisions of their career.

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