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How to increase my social media engagement?

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How to increase my social media engagement?

Finding your voice on social media is perhaps the most climacteric aspect, since bulks of information are transmitted each second, thus in order to stand out from the crowd, you really need to come up with something fresh yet appealing. Food truck vendors over the years struggled to engage audience on social media platforms, it is actually sad because social media is widely deemed as a tailor-made platform for food trucks. This post will educate you on social media insights and how you could utilize data to your leverage; you will also find stuff about creating viral content in this post.

Firstly you need to understand that media is all about connection, if you succeed in establishing a strong connection with your users through your content, you’ve done the hard part. If you really want to kick start your social media campaign with a ‘BANG’, then there is no better way other than giving away a free food item to a lucky person. Ask a question from your fans, something interesting, such as you could ask them to name your menu items, or you could ask their opinion on your food truck color, questions like this would help you notch up the anticipation and boost engagement on your social media handles.

What strategies should I use?

Next up is another commonly used strategy, ask your fans to tag their friends on your post and they both could avail free lunch at your food truck. This is another lucrative offer and could help you boost engagement on your social media pages, people over the years have mastered the art of social media marketing, but nothing has proven more effective than a free giveaway. Moreover the best part about this strategy is that people will tag their friends who in turn would tag other people and hence a never ending cycle of tagging begins, which would yield sweet fruits for you.

Another awesome strategy is to share a ‘business secret’ on social media page, this could literally be anything like we started our business on Friday or our busiest of the week is Monday, and people could use it to avail discount. Whenever someone arrives on the counter and tells you your posted secret you could give them 5-10% discount. This would not only increase social media engagement but would also skyrocket your food truck sales.

Next up is another covert marketing strategy which could be employed for social media engagement. People follow social media for fun stuff and nothing excites them more than celebrities. If you could somehow rope-in a local celebrity, one that is being loved and adored by town people, you could use it to your advantage. Celebrity endorsement would conjure no crowd if you don’t put it on your social media. Turn it into an event, ask people to be there at the right time if they want to have autographs and pictures with the celebrity. If marketed smartly these infectious ideas could spread like wildfire and will help you get the much craved social media engagement.



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