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Ms Madhumita dean of Prudence International School believes , “Career Counselling is a very Respectable and Responsible Profession”

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“Parents are sometimes dominating, however, they need to understand their child’s potential.”          -Ms Madhumita

We at CareerGuide have always believed that schools form the most essential element in one’s life. Schools not only support child in building foundation to his career but also provide immense knowledge and help in determining which career suits best to a particular student. A school is a place where a student realises his actual potential and makes decision on what career to pursue. Apart from school itself, a teacher has a very important role to play in the life of a student. Today, we are interviewing one of the most successful teachers who committed her life to the welfare of students. She has been a great proponent of providing right career guidance to the students and have been working hard since last 17 years to support thousands of students in achieving their dreams.

We at Career interviewed Ms Madhumita Chowdhary, dean of Prudence International School, Mumbai.

Ms Madhumita

Ms Madhumita has been in the field of teaching since last 17 years and she has served at different positions. She has travelled a beautiful journey from a teacher to head of department, vice principal and then principal. Currently she is working as a dean of the school. She has done MPhil and MBA from prestigious universities. Apart from teaching, she has been involved in different activities which include studying international curriculum, development of school curriculum based on international standards, conducting teacher workshops to give them best training and international standards and helping others in developing leadership skills. Being a dean of a prestigious school, she is often involved in career counselling of students as well and thus understands the importance of right guidance in a student’s life.

“International courses are needed to be addressed by career counsellors” – says Ms Madhumita Chowdhary

She herself has also counselled several students while admissions and also during their schooling period. She has conducted career counselling in 4-5 schools across India and believe that career counselling helps the students in realising the opportunities that are available to them. She believes that career counselling is very much needed in this time. Further, she adds that many students have knowledge about admissions tests that include JEE and BITSAT but they have little knowledge about international courses. Students have little knowledge of international curriculums. They also need information on which Universities provide which courses. This complete information can open up doors of several opportunities for the students. Thus, she believes that career counselling in the field of international studies should be given focus upon along with that of national studies.

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Parents are sometimes dominating, however, they need to understand their child’s potential.

She has been conducting career counselling in her schools through various external agencies and promotes more guidance to be given to the students while they chose their careers. She believes strongly that parents need to be a part of career counselling for their children. Parents should know what curriculums are being offered in different schools and colleges. Along with that they should understand the potential of their children. Ms Madhumita says that many a times parents weave dreams for their children without knowing their potential. A doctor parent intends to make his child a doctor and a lawyer parent pushes his child to become a lawyer. Some of the parents are dominating as well. They need to be guided thoroughly about what is best for their children. Parents are needed to be told about the scope in different fields which their child can pursue.

A career counsellor has a responsibility of shaping a student’s career and thus life.

According to Ms Madhumita, career counselling is a very respectable and responsible profession. A career counsellor has a responsibility of moulding a student into the right career option. For this, he needs to be a very good listener. A career counsellor should be able to listen to the students and interpret his skills from that. This can help a career counsellor to guide the student in the right direction. Along with that, he should be knowledgeable and be able to update his knowledge base with time. There are many courses that are being added up in the course curriculum, a good career counsellor should have a good knowledge of all the new courses. Also, according to Ms Madhumita, he should be very transparent, compassionate and comfortable with the students.

Ms Madhumita

Teachers also need to remain updated about the new courses that are being offered to students

Prudence School is an international school that follows Cambridge curriculum for the courses. Ms Madhumita being a strong believer of remaining updated of the new courses invites several agencies to the school regularly which update them about the new happening in the curriculum. These agencies guide students and teachers through workshops and seminars. However, the school at times face challenges in introducing new courses when there is unavailability of teachers for those courses. But with regular guidance and seminars to teachers across India, the Prudence school motivates teachers to remain updated of the courses available so that they can teach the students without difficulty when a new course comes up. Also, she considers that all the career counsellors and teachers should browse the UGC website which is highly informative and remains updated of all the new happenings taking place in the education sector.

When asked what suggestions she has for CareerGuide, she said that she recommends the work being done by our end. However, she wants to see more efforts on international studies and courses. We believe in future we will surely provide more opportunities to the students through our platform by engaging in more international career counsellors who have knowledge and understanding on guiding students for opting courses internationally.

Ms Madhumita

Prudence International School is based in Mumbai and has been ranked amongst the best IGSCE and A-level school in Maharshtra. Prudence has been known for encouraging students to follow their dreams. While giving an international course curriculum, the school aims at providing best care and guidance to students. Along with this through various programs, the school focusses on eco-friendliness, social awareness and community outreach which helps in building a strong moral character. The school has been recommended by several organisations for an excellent mentoring provided to the students along with the care that is attributed to extra-curricular activities in the school.

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