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Role of apps and web services in contemporary education

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In contemporary era, study pattern has changed a lot as compared to the traditional pattern. Along with theoretical knowledge from books, various apps such as Google play store and web services are playing a vital role in the modern education. All formulas related to Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Accounts and knowledge of all the subjects is provided in an interesting way through these apps and web searching technology. Most of the people are using Smartphone oflate. It has become beneficial for studies as well. We just need to download educational apps according to our interests and need, using playstore in a smartphone. We can also use various educational websites which are providing study pattern in an interesting and playful manner. Here, we are discussing about some of the modern apps which are helpful in our studies for all age group students.

Role of apps and web services in contemporary education

Google Doc. role in students career:

If you are an android user, Google doc is equipped with various features which are helpful role in your studies. You can easily create your documents, edit them and collaborate them with other documents. You can also edit them easily on your gadgets and browser too and can share files with other users in real-time. It can also be used without internet connection. All of your files will be saved automatically and can be updated. Google Sheets and Google Slides are also widely used for making spreadsheets and presentations respectively. All three of them are free, web-based software’s offered within Google-drive services. These can be used offline for various web applications and chrome services. It is also widely used in Android and iOS Mobile phones. It also consists of survey software, diagram software and database manager for making all types of documents.

Smart Voice Recorder: 

This app is very useful role for students to record their tuitions as well as college lectures and listen to them later for revision. It is always observed that students have to write speedily during lectures which divert them from focusing on the lectures. Using this smart voice recorder, you can record those lectures and can make notes for further studies. It also helps in transferring files to your PC or laptop and also share them through Bluetooth. It has the facility of background recording as well.

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College and school students can use this app for making daily notes using smart facilities provided by this app. Along with notes you can also use it as a text format, a full or excerpt web page, a photograph, voice memo for preparing projects and presentations. It can also be used by writers as a handwritten “ink” note. You can also attach files using it and integrate them. It will also help in preparing group projects by recording college lectures. This app supports all types of operating systems such as OS X, Android, Microsoft Windows, Chrome, Blackberry and all others. It is used to capture, nurture and sharing ideas, give comments, search and export as a notebook, anytime and everywhere you are. It also offers online synchronization and is best for backup services as well. It is available as a paid version and can be used for online services for free up to a certain usage limit. You can also choose it as an unlimited usage for monthly subscriptions.

Cam Scanner:

It is seen that students rush to Photostat shops near school or college premises, for having photocopy of various documents to share them with friends and pay for them a lot. We can do this work easily using role of Cam scanner. It works perfectly like a scanner. You can save your scanned files in .jpg and .pdf format both and share them with others. It’s also free of cost on Google store. It is an intelligent solution for annotating and managing documents for different purposes. It is easily-accessible and can be a best helper for both students and teachers. It is best app for cloud synchronization.

One Drive and Microsoft Office:

This Microsoft application is very useful role for android users. Its main feature is that it feels like you are working on a desktop. You can prepare PowerPoint, Excel, and MS Word files with this app. One can also edit and share them easily. It mainly provides file-hosting services and is used to access files using web-browsers and Smartphone. It is best used for synchronizing files and easily share them publicly using Windows Live web-services.There are

There are wide range of such educational apps as per age groups and subject wise for all standards from Toddler to Senior Secondary students and for higher classes as well. Browsing services and Whatsapp services has become a basic necessity in today’s education for all. Only requirement is to have positive approach towards them and it will surely prove as a great help in students academic development.


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