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SUCCESS ! The Best Method for Success

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SUCCESS! Helen Doron Method is an excellent method for children to learn English as a Second Language (ESL). In any of Helen Doron classes, the children learn in an environment of happy learning, discovery, and play.

It is very easy to teach children through age-appropriate activities that are full of fun and positive reinforcement from the teachers. The methodology pegs on more than 30 years of success. The curriculum ensures that the children acquire a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.


SUCCESS ! The Best Method for Success

When compared to normal English classes, SUCCESS! is different in many special ways. It comprises of excellent quality materials for learning and the methodology premises on science tested and tried facts. The teachers are all professionals who conduct classes in child-friendly environments. The children learn English while engaging in activities that are full of fun, and they learn English naturally. The teachers’ motivation rubs off on the children and the children love to learn in this environment. They learn English through cartoons, music, TV shows and video games, which make it fun and memorable. The reasons why SUCCESS! works so well, are:

  1. SUCCESS! uses current technology in its teaching methods. Augmented Reality (AR), where the teacher integrates digital information with the child’s environment, is used. It brings friendly characters alive and makes the experience truly magnificent and magical for the child.
  2. The fact that the SUCCESS! Classes are small-no more than eight children, makes it easier for the children to socialize. They are also able to practice their English speaking skills and the teacher is able to focus on each child.
  3. SUCCESS! Teaching method brings out the best in both the students and the teachers. It lets children learn English, slowly acquiring a different perspective, and building on their previous knowledge. It also makes them want to interact with others, and the environment more, which is a plus. SUCCESS! provides them with the right tools and environment. At the same time, SUCCESS! makes them feel loved and safe.
  4. In the Helen Doron methodology, the children learn English as they would a mother tongue since they are learning it as a second language. Children learn how to speak English through what they hear, and strengthened via what they hear in the background. The songs, stories, when played repeatedly, cause language absorption naturally.


Most teachers using the SUCCESS! say they love their job, and this brings out the very best in them, meaning they, in turn, give the children their best. When children are encouraged and given positive reinforcement, they are eager to please and to learn.

Children learn better in environments that are friendly and make learning fun. The more serious and formal and environment, the less interesting it seems to a child. Make it engaging, and the child learns a lot. Teenagers on the other hand love learning in a fun, yet creative and intimate space. All kids, regardless of age love extracurricular activities that allow them to work on their spoken language beyond the classroom.



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