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Take an ethical stance in your career by attaining a BA LL.B in Labour Law!

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Law is a popular career choice for the young and vibrant lot of students and is one of the most respected professions with a wide range of career possibilities. The dynamic and ever-growing field of law is attracting many young students. However, not all of them are pretty sure about the department of law they want to break into.


What is labor Law?

In this article, we are going to accustom you to one of the departments of law which is labor law. To just put it, labor law is the relationship between employees and employer when employee unionizes towards a set goal. It regulates when employees come together to negotiate on their employment terms collectively and want their employer to take an action.

Terms to know

If you are planning to take up labor law degree as a career option, then mentioned below are some of the terms you should be aware of:

Collective Bargaining: The act of negotiating with a union.

Organize: When used in a labor context, “organize” means to form a union.

“Right to Work” Laws: Legislation that prohibits or restricts employees’ abilities to unionize.

Why Labor law even exists?

Labor laws are made with only one scope – to make the employee-employer relationship work smoothly and fair to everyone else who is involved in this. It is often believed that the workers always have an unfair position while working as compared to their employer or the influential people in their corporation.

However, the involvement of corporations in the labor law or the unionized negotiations in some circumstances proves beneficial to the society or economy.

Lawmakers today see the right to unionize as a First Amendment protection. The First Amendment guarantees citizens the right to associate with the people they choose. Because employees negotiate together when they form a union, their activities are protected by the First Amendment.

Who practices labor law?

Attorneys who practice labor law are automatically working in all types of legal employment. They might as well work on behalf of the union leaders and help them negotiate with the union.

A labor lawyer might be an employee, or they might work in private practice and offer services to the union or employer on a contract basis.

In addition to attorneys who work in private practice, labor attorneys also work for the National Labor Relations Board.

Why Become a Labor Lawyer?

Labor law is in itself a big business, for the attorneys who work to represent for their corporations and employees. The responsibility of a labor lawyer is much bigger than we think it is, their work impacts a lot of people. They play a significant role in helping the clients understand their rights and obligations in an organization and what will be the outcome of any proposed course of action.

Labor attorneys help their clients weigh the pros and cons and strategically bargain for their interests. labor attorneys are often paid well for undertaking this challenging work.

If you want to be a part of this dynamic law industry and attain specialization in the labor law category, then apply at UPES bachelor degree in labor law.

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