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Technology in the classroom: Transforming the Workers of Tomorrow

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One of the roles of a teacher is to prepare their students for the wider world. Making sure that those you teach are well-equipped to enter the world of employment is a key element of every teacher’s goals. In turbulent employment periods, this can be extremely challenging. This is especially true when we look forward and try to consider what the employment landscape of the future will look like. As more people head into flexible careers with little security, equipping your students with the skills they need to survive in an unknowable future is certainly not easy. However, technology is the key to providing those students with everything they need to embrace a better a future.nicole-honeywill-sincerely-media-ngwcmyfcw2k-unsplash

Changing the Curriculum

The modern-day classroom is a very different place. It’s certainly not the same as it was even a decade ago, and the integration of tech into the learning space has met with some resistance. However, allowing and encouraging the use of digital devices as a learning aid can be very beneficial for a variety of reasons:

  • Better access to online resources
  • Easier collaboration
  • Allows students to gain familiarity with the technologies they will be using in the workplace

The need to find the right balance of traditional teaching and more modern options is the key to preparing students for the future.

Student Engagement

Keeping students interested in their lessons can be a struggle for teachers. Lack of engagement can lead to a number of potential issues. One of the biggest problems for the modern teacher is the high rate of students that drop out of education. This can be tackled in a variety of ways, but modern tech solutions could be the key. Modern software such as Nuro Retention can help teachers quickly identify those students that are at risk of discarding their education. With many students feeling forced to drop out of school or college for a variety of reasons, knowing about those reasons in advance can help teachers and students work together to find more productive and beneficial solutions.

Innovation and Personalization

Part of the problem with preparing students for the job market is that nobody is quite sure what that is going to look like. As automation and AI continue to dominate theories on the future of work, today’s students are entering an employment future that is more unknown than ever before. That’s why innovation and technology are being used so proactively in the classroom. The more that students are able to experiment with their own education while being actively managed by their teachers, the more control they will have over the direction that their learning takes them. As students recognize the turbulence of modern employment trends, they will find that being able to study at their own pace and in the directions that they are interested in will give them greater control over their futures.

Technology continues to become more integrated into our daily lives. Equipping students so that they are more prepared for the future means embracing the right technologies and encouraging their use in the classroom. Failure to adopt cutting-edge technologies into the learning space could see students falling behind, and unable to catch up when they start looking for the right career.

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