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Why it is Important to Improve Your Writing Skills for Future Career

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What are writing skills? These are skills that enable you to communicate your ideas with ease and clarity to different people. Writing skills play an important role in your career. It is one of the determining factors of your success in the workplace. Strong writing skills have a connection with critical thinking skills.

Kyle Wiens who is the CEO of iFixIt always gives a grammar test before employing anyone. This shows just how important writing skills are in business no matter what career you are in.

What is the importance of writing skills in business? Consider some of the reasons below

Self-Promotion and Career Promotion

Good writing skills enable you to communicate effectively with others and you know how to communicate your ideas effectively. You can thus be able to market yourself well and also your company and the company you work for. Whether you are sending emails, writing reports for research conducted or writing proposals, you will succeed.

If you own a business but you do not possess the required writing skills to help your business grow, you can always seek the help of professional writers online. Hire a professional writer from to help you with important documents or emails that need to be professionally written.

Some reputable and successful companies require applicants to do a writing or grammar test before being employed. Lacking such skills can make you miss out on such good opportunities.

Effective Business Communication

Business managers communicate with employees, employers, stakeholders, and customers. Hence, any written communication should be clear, precise and true. Such communication may include sending emails, writing proposals and reports. Lack of good writing skills may lead to miscommunication which can cause a lot of damage to a business.

It Expresses Courtesy

Writing in businesses is usually done in a formal tone. This tone is also the same one used when communicating face to face with business partners. A formal tone is considered respectful hence, it is important to have good writing skills especially in business writing. An informal tone may be interpreted as disrespect especially to someone who is highly ranked and this may cause you to lose out on many business opportunities. It is thus vital to sharpen your writing since it will be helpful in your future career no matter what industry you work in.

It Drives Sales

Increase in sales is one of the benefits of writing. Advertising requires you to have good writing skills since you will be sending emails, advertising on the internet, and writing reports on progress made so far. Well-written material from companies portrays an image of professionalism to consumers hence leading to sales and a good first impression. Poor writing skills may give a bad first impression to consumers and this will not drive any traffic to your website. They may also not take you seriously since they may not view your company as a professional company.

Leads to Quality Management

Managers are meant to effectively manage employees. Part of doing this is giving clear instructions to employees either through email or other means. Good and clear communication leads to increased productivity in the workplace.

Improves Intelligence and Critical Thinking Skills



There is a lot of work that is done before you can start writing. Research needs to be done and you also need to think of effective ways to bring out your idea in a way that your target audience will understand the message you want to convey.

While researching, you gain more knowledge since you may come across points you may have not known about. It also sharpens your critical thinking skills since you will be forced to think about how the knowledge you have can be used to solve problems at work.


Writing skills should not be ignored but rather cultivated. Although not everyone may have good writing skills, improvements can always be done. There is a lot of information on the internet that can help you improve your writing skills which will have a big impact on your career in any field. Such information includes advice on how to write and also samples of written work that you can use as an example.

Apart from improving yourself, you will also improve your business or another person’s business and this is a quality that most employers will look at in order to determine who can be a long-term employee in their company.


Susan Wallace is an experienced freelance writer. She has written many articles that help people develop good writing skills. She loves to see people succeed in their careers and thus strives to help them through the knowledge she has and any new information she thinks is relevant to developing writing skills.

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