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Why NCERT Books is beneficial for IAS Aspirants

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IAS is one of the most popular exams in India and every student has thought to be an IAS at least once in his/her student life. To cash the popularity of this examination, many publishers have launched many different books for its preparation with the ‘Best’ tag on it. So now when the market is filled with so many books and IAS aspirants get confused to pick the best and most suitable one for them.

benefits-ncert-booksIAS aspirants know the importance of right study material for the preparation of this one of the most difficult exams of the country. A right book is the secret of success in any exam. This is the reason that most of the candidates trust NCERT Books for the preparation of IAS examination. If you are new aspirant and confused about the importance of NCERT Books in the preparation of IAS examination then you should definitely read this post further to get the answers of your curiosity.

Importance of NCERT Books for IAS Aspirants  

When it comes about the preparation for UPSC exam then NCERT books are considered as Bible. Many aspirants start their preparation from these books and they get success in the exam too. The reason behind suggesting NCERT books is the authenticity book the matter published in the books.

Now we see that so many books for the IAS preparation is available in the market but none of them can claim to be as correct as of the NCERT books. These books are published by the authorities under the government of India. The study materials available in these books are based on the exact number available with the government of India. NCERT books are revised by a well-qualified panel of subject experts to update them and keep them free from any error.

In an exam like IAS accuracy is everything and even a minor mistake during the interview or written exam can cause failure for you. So it’s better to trust a government trusted books for the preparation.

The benefit of NCERT Books in IAS Examination


You can Download NCERT books for the IAS aspirants. Now have a look at the benefits of these books to the UPSC exam aspirants.

·       Easy Language 

In the last few years, we have observed the trends of preferring the English Language over Hindi in UPSC examination.  The NCERT books are available in both language and the study material of the book is written in easy to understand language. These books have the basic knowledge of the subject in a simplified language.

The chapter of NCERT books is compiled in easy to difficult way. When students start reading the chapter first they get introduced with the concept and then the detailed structure of the chapter appears to them. This chapter planning made it easy for students to understand the topic without making it dull.

·       Habit of Reading NCERT

The other reason for promoting NCERT to the UPSC exam aspirants is that they are already aware of the basic concept and key features of the book. NCERT books are mandatory to teach to the students of CBSE Board from class 6 to 12. Other state boards also pick these books considering the quality of their study material. So students are already familiar with these books. This reduces the pressure to read and understand the study material quickly and also boost the confidence of the UPSC aspirants.

·       Study Material for Prelims and Mains

We assume that as a UPSC exam aspirant, you know the exam pattern of this examination. Usually, IAS exam applicants use different study material for their prelim and mains examination. But the matter you have prepared from the NCERT books; will help you in Prelims and Mains both. In Prelim exam of UPSC 30- 40 questions are asked from the NCERT books. These books are also suggested to the IAS exam aspirants so that they can make their base strong.

Aspirants are well aware of this fact that the syllabus of this exam is as vast as an ocean so to get success in it, its a must to hold a good grip over the basic knowledge of the subject and NCERT books offer that basic knowledge.

How To Read NCERT Books to prepare for IAS Exam

When you pick NCERT books for the preparation of IAS exam then you need to keep in mind that these books are essential for the success in this exam but you cannot depend only on NCERT books. You need to understand that NCERT books are perfect to make your knowledge base about the subject stronger.

If you belong to some different subject and want to study geography or humanities then no other book can guide you as good as an NCERT book does. But dependency only on NCERT books can cause you some fatal loose.

The NCERT books have ample subject information and it would need proper planning to make notes from these books for the preparation of IAS examination. Below given tips will guide you to how to make notes form NCERT Books.

  1. First of all, don’t just pick any NCERT books and start reading from it. Read the table of content first given on the first page of the chapter and divide your study plan according to it.
  2. Keep making the notes from the study material of the NCERT books while reading it. If you will just read the book then it will not be enough to get success eve in the prelim of the exam.
  3. Avoid making lengthy notes. The notes you will prepare from the NCERT book should be short, crisp and in easier language. Make sure that these notes can work as for you at the eleventh hour of exam preparation.
  4. You can also highlight the important lines, dates, and quotes while reading and make notes based on this study material once you complete that section of the chapter.
  5. While preparing for history or geography or those other subjects where the map can be used, draw the map and locate the important places on it. The map and locations mentioned on it should be clear.
  6. While making notes from NCERT or any other book keep in mind the readability of the text. Do not overwrite the matter.
  7. Applicants of UPSC exam should know that not all of NCERT books are required to study for the IAS exam. You can avoid few books but following books you should definitely study for a strong preparation of IAS examination; Geography Class 11, Polity for class 11th and 12th, Economics (class 9th to 12th), History (class 9th to 12th), Geography (class 9th to 12th).
  8. While preparing for IAS exam from NCERT books you need to keep the exam syllabus as your focal point not books’ study material.

Winding it up 

Many IAS exam aspirants get lost in the vast syllabus and huge collection of notes from internet, IAS Coaching centers and other sources any they avoid NCERT books. This can be a big mistake. If you study the NCERT books of your core subjects then your chance to clear this examination gets stronger. With the strong basic knowledge and understating of the subject, you can handle all the asked questions in the exam easily.


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