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List of 70 new age careers

CareerGuide.Com brings to students a list of 70 new age careers, which were either not heard of twenty years ago or were not considered a full-time profession

This e-book is a great resource for students to understand and explore careers beyond the conventional ones.

  • Adventure

    Adventure tourism operators guide and supervise tourists on exciting outdoor activities, up mountains, and on biking trips through forests. Activities may include rafting, canoeing, diving, fishing, climbing, hiking, bungee jumping, sailing etc

  • Animation
    Film Maker

    Animators are responsible for on screen visuals that we see in animated movies. They work with drawings, sketches and other graphics to convert them in to an animation.

  • Distance Learning

    With online and distance education becoming popular and students increasingly registering for it, distance learning coordinator is a very lucrative career option. Scheduling, updating and clearing doubts of enrolled students are primary role.