Details of Group Career Workshop
For 10th Std Students

10th standard plays an important role in mapping the career of a student as it determines their stream of subjects and after schooling, they have to make course decision on the basis of the stream they had. CareerGuide conducts workshops for 10th students to help them choose the right stream. The workshop will contain 90 minutes.

Each session will be held for the duration of 15 minutes and Q&A session for 10 minutes. A detailed description of the activities to be performed in the workshop is given below:

  • The necessity to focus on building a strong academic foundation.
  • Numerous entrance exams are based on the syllabus of 10th standard. In this class, each student has a chance to develop the core foundation of each and every subject.
Group Career Workshop For 10th Std Students
  • The importance of choosing the right stream.
  • The stream a student picks in school determines his/her course options later. Many students go for a stream they aren’t interested in due to pressure from family or may be his/her own misconceptions. We will make you aware of the importance of choosing the right stream.

  • How to decide which stream a student should go for?
  • Many students make stream choices on the basis of their prospects which later turn out to be a blunder. Our counselling experts will assist students and parents about the aspects they should keep in mind while choosing the stream after 10th.
Group Career Workshop For 10th Std Students

  • What are the career prospects of each stream?
  • In this session, we will inform students and parents about unheard and unknown courses and career prospects related to Arts Science and Commerce stream which will change the perspective people have about all these streams.

  • Question and answer session.
  • In this session, students will have the chance to clear their doubts regarding all the above sessions and they can also clear any query regarding career, education and stream selection.

  • Equipments and arrangements to be furnished by Schools
    1. Auditorium
    2. Audio and Video equipments

Group Career Workshop For 10th Std Students

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