Now that you’ve decided to be an engineer which engineering branch should you select? AICTE has recognized over 200 different branches of engineering categorized into 34 major engineering branches. With so much confusion students tend to look for answers in all the wrong place. Students consult their parents, relatives, friends or school teachers who may not be aware of the latest happenings as well as prospective scope of employment, moreover student’s counselors of a particular institutes are overloaded with all the queries and other issues. Then others may turn to internet for answers, this is a medium for who knows but need a little clarification as overload of information can confuse a student more.

The Engineering Branch Selector™ exam report shares brief knowledge about all the major Engineering Branches. With this Report you will get an answer to which Branch of Engineering you can opt for. This report helps in matching your work interest with specific real life work situation as per different Branches of Engineering. It has been scientifically designed, formulated and customized in a unique manner for you. It provides you with personalized preferential analysis of different engineering branches.

The best way to select your Engineering Branch. Discover it today through personalized psychometric engineering report.

Insight of Your Branch Selector Report

Your Interests

Get Your Engineering Branch Recommendations list on basis of scientific data and 5 parameters. These are Motivators, Personality, Aptitude and Interests and your potential

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Relevant Branches

Knowing your self and your motivators can help decide the kind of
careers which will keep us excited and motivated Know all different
kinds of motivators and get charged for your career place.

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Engineering Branch Selector Test has Helped in Choosing the Right Branch

How does Engineering Branch Selector™ work?

The Engineering Branch Selector™ psychometric test relies on interest and capability base segmentation to find the potential of a candidate. Engineering Branch Selector™ tests the 4 fundamental aptitude required for every engineers namely Spatial, Closure, Mechanical and Logical aptitudes and maps the interest of the candidate. The report provides both graphical as well as tabular representation of each engineering interest group so that an aspirant can choose what is best for them, moreover it is very easy to understand and comes with a section on how to interpret the report. The test is meticulously designed by panel of psychologists, academic counselors and experienced psychiatrist to help you take the best career decision for yourself.

  • The Psychometric Engineering Branch Selector test consists of Multiple Choice Questions.
  • It is neither an academic achievement nor performance test so you need not to worry about the intelligence or knowledge to solve it.
  • It is a set of situations in the form of questions where you will have three options and you have to pick the best suitable option according to your own choice and decision.
  • There is no right or wrong answers. The best answer is the one you most identify with. This is not a test of Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry.
  • The test consists of general questions that are related to general and everyday choices that you make. So you need not worry for the same.
  • It will not measure you in any of your academic subjects. Hence you also need not study before taking the test.
  • No special preparation for the test is required.

Sample Engineering Branch Selector™ Report