Details of Parent's Workshop

Parents’ support function as the pillar of motivation to a child’s dream of success in his/her career path. CareerGuide’s parents’ workshop includes several sessions addressing to parents about the part they play in their child’s career and success. This workshop will have the duration of 2 hours.

Each session will be held for the duration of 25 minutes and Q&A session for 20 minutes. Detailed description of the activities to be performed in the workshop is given below:

  • The role parents play while choosing the career for their children.
  • In this session, our counseling experts will speak about how important role do parents play in their child’s career and how it affects the determination and dedication of a child towards the career that he/she opts for after schooling.
Parents Workshop
  • The way parents contemplate conventional and modern careers.
  • This session emphasizes on how parents perceive traditional and modern careers and the need for them to accept and rely on modern careers so that they can support their children if they take such career decisions.

  • How should parents perceive modern careers?
  • Parents feel skeptical when their child wishes to explore a different career from what they have heard or known about which makes them unsupportive towards their child’s decision.

  • How should parents contribute and support their child’s career choice?
  • Now that they know about the career prospects of modern/traditional careers their support and contribution is all that their children need.

Parents Workshop

  • Question and answer session
  • In this session, parents could clear their doubts or ask any question regarding all our sessions performed. They can also ask any query that they had in mind apart from the topics discussed in the workshop.

  • Equipments and arrangements to be furnished by Schools
    1. Auditorium
    2. Audio and Video equipments
    3. Invitation to parents on decided date
Parents Workshop

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