Details of Psychometric Test +
One-One Counselling for 12th Std

‘Psychometric test and one to one counselling workshop’conducted by CareerGuide for 12th standard students aim at giving attention to all students individually and discuss the result of psychometric test report to make them understand their interest, skills and aptitude. This activity will guide students to select the most suitable career according to their skill and aptitude. The activity will last for 3 days containing various sessions covering different topics.

3-day activities are mentioned below in details:

  • 1st Day Activities
  • Motivational Session for students about the importance of career planning. (45 mins - Audio Video Technology Required)
Psychometric Test and One-One Counselling for 12th Std
  • ‘Psychometric Career Test’ in pen and paper mode; in case computers are provided psychometric test will be conducted on them.

  • Duration of the psychometric test will be 40 minutes. ‘Psychometric Career Test’ paper will be distributed to the students which they can be attempted in classrooms.

  • Link to Psychometric Career Test’ which will be given to students of 12th class:
  • 2nd and 3rd Day Activities
  • One –to – One counselling will be conducted for the students (15 -20 minutes for each student)

Psychometric Test and One-One Counselling for 10th Std
  • Every student will get his/her personalised psychometric report. Counsellors will discuss reports in details with students. Have a look at sample report for class 12th:

  • Parents are also invited to join one to one counselling.

  • Students will be given printed reports and career booklets with more than 500 career options.

  • Every student from 12th will also be given competitive exam lists which they should focus on.
  • Additional Benefit
  • Equipments and arrangements to be furnished by Schools
  1. 1st Day Requirement - Auditorium, audio and video equipment, computers (not mandatory).

  2. 2nd and 3rd Day Requirement – A room for couselling. Each student will be given the duration of 15 – 20 minutes while other students can attend classes; counselling will continue for next day as well. School ought to provide us the timings at which they are willing the counseling to be conducted.

Psychometric Test and One-One Counselling for 12th Std

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