Details of Teacher's Workshop

Teachers acts as a role model for students and the knowledge they impart on them builds the foundation of their career and attitude towards education. This workshop will be addressed to teachers discussing how they can assist their students in making the right career decisions. This workshop will have the duration of 4 hours.

Each session will be held for the duration of 40 - 45 minutes and Q&A session for 20 minutes. A detailed description of the activities to be performed in the workshop is given below:

  • The role teachers play in assisting students and parents while choosing a career.
  • Many parents seek guidance from teachers when it comes to career decision of their child. In this session, our counseling experts will speak about how important role do teachers play in guiding parents and students while making career decisions.
Teacher's Workshop

  • Details on conventional and modern careers.
  • In this session, teachers will be informed about how many kinds of courses and careers have emerged in the last few years which has given a completely new and changed career choices to the upcoming generation.

  • How could teachers assist students in choosing college and course?
  • In this session, teachers will be guided about how they can assist students and parents in selecting the right college and courses by keeping in mind its career prospects and students’ interest.

  • How could teachers contribute and support students?
  • Career experts will guide teachers how they can educate and aware more students and parents about modern careers, thus contributing to society.

Teacher's Workshop

  • Question and answer session
  • In this session, teachers could clear their doubts or ask any question regarding all our sessions performed. They can also ask any query that they had in mind apart from the topics discussed in the workshop.

  • Equipments and arrangements to be furnished by Schools
    1. Auditorium
    2. Audio and Video equipments
    3. Invitation to teachers on decided date

Teacher's Workshop

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