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5 Interesting Career Options For Finance Majors

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Earning a major in finance will perfectly prepare students to take on a variety of roles in the financial industry. Below are five career options, each of which calls upon a different set of skills.


Finance Planner

Over the course of studying for a finance major degree, students will learn how to use a variety of investment techniques to grow clients’ portfolios and help them to manage their finances more effectively. Finance majors will also learn how to decipher market data in order to better understand and identify current trends.

A financial planner takes market data and uses it to provide his clients with a plan for managing their finances more efficiently. In order to thrive as a financial planner, you need to be able to demonstrate to your clients that you have aptitude and competence. Graduating with a major in financial planning will show that you have these qualities.

Financial Analyst

Lots of people want to understand the financial world much better and they need to be constantly apprised of the current state of the markets. Financial analysts are responsible for researching a wide range of financial data, including stocks, bonds, and even the performance of entire industries. They take all this data and conduct complex analyses to gain deep insights into what it means, using a combination of experience and business acumen.

Many businesses hire financial analysts to interpret financial statements and other market data that concerns their competitors. This information enables them to develop more informed and more advanced strategies for achieving market dominance.

Investor Relations Associate

If you have naturally strong organizational and communication skills, the role of investor relations associate is ideal. The job of an investor relations associate is to present financial information regarding the business to other banking or financial institutions.

In order to flourish in this kind of role, you will need to be able to interpret financial data and to explain your interpretations to others in a clear and concise manner.  This separates the role from many other finance careers, which can often be quite dry and impersonal. Investor relations associates will need to work with other people just as much as they work with data.

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts work with a variety of businesses and organizations in order to assess the proposed budgets and evaluate the financial impact of their future plans. This is another role where it is important that you have excellent communication skills.  Sometimes, it will be the responsibility of a budget analyst to deliver bad news to their employer. It is vital that you are able to communicate this information in an appropriate way.

Options Traders

Today, many traders choose options over stocks. When you buy stocks, you do so in the hope that they will increase in value over time. Options, on the other hand, enable traders to bet on whether a stock will increase or decrease in value. Options trading is an excellent option for finance majors who have an in-depth understanding of the markets and how they operate. With a concise understanding of the underlying dynamics, finance majors are in an excellent position to take full advantage of options trading.

The careers that we have listed above are just a small selection of the many opportunities out there for finance majors. Once you have earned a finance degree, you will have a complex understanding of the financial world and the rules that underpin it. Whether you apply this knowledge to playing the markets yourself or advising others, there are boundless opportunities for those willing to look for them.

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