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Where Can International Students Find Casual Work While Studying at University In Australia

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Being an international student means having to make money for various university aspects, if you aren’t being supported by your parents. International fees, accommodations, medical aid, meals, transport, module fees are just some of the requirements that need to be in place for successful university studies. It’s no wonder that many are left with debt or have to drop out of university, because of financial standings. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel alone and confused as to ways that you can earn money to cater to such expectations. Here are ways you can find casual work while studying as an international student in Australia. 


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  • Online Job Portals 


Online job portals such as Student Job Board, are there to help you navigate employment in Australia. Not only do job portals show the latest available work, but these platforms also serve as a handbook to balancing work and school life. These job portals are also a safe space where the risk of being scammed can be eliminated due to the professional processes of job vetting that they implement. Some scrupulous individuals can take advantage of the fact that you’re an international student who isn’t familiar with the dynamics of employment in Australia. 

Online job portals give you an indication of how much you can earn while working as a casual employee. Furthermore, you can see the different industries that you can work for beyond those that you may have already known. Frequenting such job portals is advised for safe job hunting. 


  • Social Platforms 


Social networking platforms such as Facebook, are spaces where social groups of people who share a common ground come together to assist each other. Groups such as International Students Group Australia, might not be a job portal, but they still provide pointers like how to avail for student jobs and where to find these in Australia. Be sure to be careful about any online group that you join and use your discretion when given advice and information. 


  • University International Student Guidance


Universities have a department that’s dedicated to international students’ university life, careers, and general wellness. You can seek guidance from your international students’ department or association regarding casual employment. They can provide information about available jobs, how to apply for these, and the requirements that are needed for particular jobs. Having conversations with the university staff also helps with any anxiety and confusion that you may be experiencing as an international student far from the familiarity of home. 


  • Print Adverts 


Some newspapers post job advertisements. These however don’t provide in-depth information that you’ll find on online job portals. You run the risk of applying without sufficient information because print advertising only avails a certain amount of space for each add. 


  • Outdoor Advertising


As you walk down the city streets, keep your eye out for outdoor adverts. You might see a hiring note on the door or by the sidewalk of a restaurant for instance. Having spotted the note, you can inquire more about the job in the place advertised and apply accordingly. If it’s possible to have a one-on-one with the employers regarding the job, you’ll be in a better position to know exactly what’s expected of you, placing you at an advantage when including application information. 


  • Door To Door


Door to door CV dropping requires time that you might not have seeing that your studies require your attention. However, not all employers wait to put out a job placement before hiring. You might be fortunate when you go looking for employment with your CV in hand. If you’re really lucky, you may even get hired on the spot! The worst that can happen is to find out that there are no empty positions, and you’ll just have to keep on with the search. 


  • Word Of Mouth


Your university colleagues and friends might be in the same employment situation as you. You might hear of a job opening from a classmate and be given first preference as a result of the reference. Letting your employed colleagues know that you’re searching for a casual job, means that they can have you in mind if any job openings at their respective workplaces open up. 


  • Notice Board


One of the important advice you’re given when you begin university, is to constantly read the notice board. This can be in the form of a physical notice board in a corridor, or the online notices posted on the university portal. You may find that there’s a job opening being advertised. Keep in mind that you stand a better chance of getting hired if you apply early on. 


  • Search Engine


Using a search engine to find casual work is an option that’ll give you multiple channels to search. It’s sometimes difficult to decipher authentic websites, and if unlucky you might be scammed. The internet can be a dangerous place and you have to be careful about where you navigate online. It’s advised to use job sites that are reputable and recommended. 


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Job hunting can be stressful and time-consuming. It’s only more daunting when your priority is your books so that you make sure that you maintain the grades required by the university. However, you can’t ignore the fact that you might need to work towards financing many university facets such as international fees, accommodation, meals, and study material among many more. 

You can find casual work in several ways including online job portals such as Student Job Board, social network platforms such as Facebook, university guidance offices, word of mouth, door to door job hunting, print adverts, notice boards, and by using the search engine. The trick is to find casual employment by using the most efficient means, so that the bulk of your time is allocated to focusing on your reading materials. 

You must take caution when surfing the internet for casual jobs. Many know that international students are vulnerable and lack the employment knowledge that may be held by a local student. This means that the risk of falling a victim to scams that require you to pay for an interview for example is high. It’s advisable to stick to online platforms that are reputable and recommended.



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