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5 Tips for Writing a Career Goals Personal Statement

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To get a vacancy at some company or enterprise, you will have to pass an interview and compose a special document. This document is called a personal statement and it states your career goals. You explain the main purpose of your job application via a personal statement. If potential employers realize your career goals, they will be able to make an objective evaluation of your suitability for the vacancy they propose. 


This article covers the main guidelines about how to compose a proper career goals application.

Get personal

Though you are to state your major career objectives, it’s necessary to begin with personal information that stands behind them. You need a strong hook, which will win the attention of your potential employer. Therefore, tell a few introductory facts about yourself. It’s a “personal” paper and you should reveal something special. Show what makes you step out of the crowd and provide a link related to your career objectives. Thus, you’ll combine and cover two main points at once.


Example: I was always good with math and accounting. All the subjects related to counting were my favorite. So, I wanted to become a financier since my early years. Perhaps, the banking sphere is what my heart really desires.

Define the goals

The next step is to specify the actual goals. Organize your ideas and make a logical sequence. Don’t step away from this path. You should dwell upon your career goals all way long. Write “My goal is…”, mention your goal (or several goals), name the company, the desired post or professional priorities, and duties. Don’t forget to specify the duration of your targets. They may be short-term or long-term. It’s better to mark both. 


You should answer the following questions:


  • What are your professional goals?
  • Why have you chosen this profession?
  • What are your major objectives?
  • Do you have any experience?
  • Can you visualize yourself in the nearest future? What you’ll be like?


Tip: To get the attraction of your employer, clarify your objectives clearly. You may mention some short-term goals. Tell that you want to gain experience and help the company in the near future. Afterward, specify long-term goals, which are personal and professional growth. Promise that you’ll lead the company to prosperity and will always remain loyal.

Set your goals smartly

Your intentions should be realistic and you should state your goals reasonably. Your goals should have plain and realistic deadlines, they ought to be attainable, logically structured, and explained. Always support ideas by facts. If you state a target, mention the time and skills required to achieve it.


Tip: Never claim that you will surely achieve something unrealistic. You will not be able to become the leader of the company in a month. Be honest and assure your employer that you will be constantly improving yourself to earn promotion and contribute to the company’s advancement.

Sum up strongly

The next tip is to finish shortly and convincingly. The end of your career goals application should also tell about your career targets. Summarize the previous claims and convince your potential employer that you really mean to fulfill all you’ve promised.


Example: I really want to be a part of your company because I feel the enthusiasm and possess the necessary skills to succeed. I will do my best and will never stop to develop my skills and thus, contribute to the progress of the company. Thank you for your attention!

Revise and improve

Don’t forget to revise your personal statement. Many candidates either forget or are too lazy to do that. Nonetheless, if you skip this important stage you risk spoiling even the best career goals paper. 


No employer would like to hire a person who makes many grammar and stylistic mistakes. They say that such a candidate isn’t actually competent.


Tip: Use special grammar and stylistic checkers to detect and remove all the mistakes. You may use the Hemingway Editor, the Ginger Grammar Checker, JSpell, SpellCheckPlus, and others.


We also advise reading some good examples of this particular paper. Look for some examples of career objectives papers to gain the necessary experience and knowledge. Make sure they discuss career goals and don’t cover other purposes because there are other kinds of personal statements.

Grab Some Helpful Sources to Use

We have also studied several online websites, which provide guides and tips devoted to the same question. We have picked 3 helpful resources and services that provide plain explanations about how to compose an effective personal statement on career goals.


Website Peculiarities This professional personal statement writing service is designed to help students with writing career goals personal statements from scratch. This website offers a guide about how to write a career goals statement including the necessary steps. It also offers several good examples, which help to learn from the experience of successful job applicants. Besides, it contains other blogs dedicated to the matter of setting and reaching career goals. It’s a great resource that posts examples of career goal papers. It teaches how to set long-term goals. You’ll also find other helpful posts.


Use these sources to your advantage and earn the job post you want. You will learn some helpful tips and recommendations to avoid mistakes and compose a strong piece. Thus, you’ll sufficiently increase your chances for success.

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