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Avoiding Injuries at an Office Job – Actionable Tips

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By definition, an accident is anything that occurs unintentionally.

Accidents can not be prevented completely simply because there are things that can’t be predicted. It does not mean that their chances of happening cannot be reduced significantly. In fact, most instances of office injuries are a direct result of ignoring the safety measures put in place.

Just one accident at the workplace can leave quite a big impact on your organization. Between the lost productivity, the medical bills, the low morale, and all the workers’ compensation paperwork, the costs are very high.

If you want to avoid the costs, then it is by avoiding injuries. Follow some of these tips to protect your workforce and avoid injuries.


Key Points to Implement for Avoiding on the Job Injuries

Implement wellness and a safety plan. The basis for safe working space is a productive accident wellness and prevention program. The program requires to cover all areas of employee health and safety with encouragement as well to report hazardous behavior or practices.

Carry out pre-placement physicals. Other accidents come about because of the inability and inexperience to physically carry out the duty by new employees. Therefore, screening of potential applicants before placement is just as important with certain physically demanding jobs.


Educate management staff and employees. Continuously inspire a safety-first mentality among management staff and employees. Train your management and employees on the need for following safety standards every time. Supplemental education in body mechanics can also be beneficial in reducing strain-related injuries and keep employees safe during moving and lifting.


Provide safety equipment. Personal safety equipment is vital in certain high-risk fields such as construction and mining. Invest some time in teaching employees how to use face protection, goggles, hard hats, gloves, ear muffs or earplugs, and safety shoes properly. 


Get sufficient staffing levels. Often, overtime working hours exist because of inadequate staffing. Those overworked staff may suffer exhaustion and try taking shortcuts to meet and even exceed expectations. Hiring seasonal staff or part-time could help to avoid injuries because of exhaustion.


Avoid shortcuts. When staff skip steps to complete a task ahead of the planned schedule, accidents are much more likely to happen. Ensure all directions are clear and well organized to avoid unexpected mishaps in the working environment.


Maintain and inspect all company cars. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) states that driving-related accidents cost organizations an average of $60B dollars per year. Maintenance of the vehicles should include monthly repairing and inspection of vehicles.


Track safety standards. After the initial training, monitor safety standards at every chance, i.e. supervision, education, and staff meetings. Motivate employees by rewarding those who adhere to staying injury-free.


Keep your workplace orderly. Bad housekeeping can easily lead to serious safety and health hazards. The structure of the working environment should be free of dirt particles and debris, stations for cleaning up spillages and have enough footpath markings.


In offices, educate employees on practicing ergonomics to prevent RSI injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.


Use Proper Safety Signages. Use signage to preventing slips or any kind of potential hazards around the workplace. Put regulations in place where the signage must be placed in case there are slippery flooring or leaks. The main aim is to ensure that the employee is free of any potential hazard.

It’s All About Managing the Risks

At the end of the day, it all comes down to risk management. If management and employees follow the above advice for reducing injuries, the workspace will be safer for everyone.

It is unfortunate that, regardless of how you prepare, accidents could still happen, and someone can still get injured. When it comes to this, ensure you are ready to give them the attention they need, and as soon as possible. 

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