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Helpful Tips to Revitalize Your IT Career with CompTIA Network+ Certification and Make a Difference

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CompTIA: Pumping up Potential

The IT sector is eagerly ready to give, but are people ready to take? This industry is in a constant spin of revolution and evolution, throwing out brand new job roles in every direction. 2017 alone saw the spontaneous blooming of a little bit more than 182,000 fresh IT positions in the US economy. But despite all the bubbling opportunities foaming up out of the IT hub, the reality is that not all of them are utilized: perhaps, because of the time, it takes to acquire the skills, passionate individuals not having the means to access such careers or simple ignorance to the blessings of technology. With their philRevitalize Your IT Career with CompTIA Networkanthropic efforts, one entity exists to change this all: CompTIA. CompTIA recognizes early starts come in handy when building IT aptitudes, this led to their ‘NextUp’ campaign which works with schools to incorporate a practical IT syllabus and resources to help students chase tech careers that interest them. To get adolescents and the unemployed into IT posts, inspirational CompTIA also donated 1 million to 70 different charities that focus on bringing such groups into the outstretched arms of technology. Through all these, CompTIA is gearing up humanity to reap every shred of benefit that the IT industry pours out.


Finesse with Network+

In case you didn’t know, CompTIA also issues rewarding IT credentials to those that can defeat their IT exams. If you’re someone fascinated by the realm of networking technologies, then the vendor-neutral cert you should lock in sight is the CompTIA Network+ badge. To obtain it, the single assessment you need to take down is N10-007. Working towards the Network+ certification ensures you learn key elements required to work in this field such as creating and implementing networks, segmenting network traffic via routers and switches, putting to use network protocols & security, designing virtual networks, configuring network devices, and lastly, troubleshooting issues with the network. The registration fee for the test is $329 and you can expect to see 90 questions like drag & drops, PBQs, and MCQs on the exam day. The time allocated to finish N10-007 is 90 minutes. As for prerequisites, CompTIA recommends aspiring candidates to be holders of the CompTIA A+ and have 9 to 12 months of experience with networking.


6 Smart-Study Tips

If you put in the right kind of effort, YOU can also take home that 720 points out of 1000 passing grade. So here are our suggestions for some intelligent ways to go about tackling N10-007 to earn your Network+ credential:

  • Get ‘experience’ checked off the list early. N10-007 has PBQs, meaning practical networking aptitude is required to answer them correctly. You can accumulate your exposure to networks by solving scenarios in the lab; or if you’ve spent enough hours poking and investigating networking components, so much so that you’ve garnered functional knowledge, then perhaps finding work in the real-world is also a viable option for building up your capabilities.
  • Peer-to-peer platforms such as Quora, Facebook, and Reddit are remarkable as well. They give you a chance to get in touch with IT experts who work in the field of networking, educators and trainers that teach Network+, or other examinees around the world who are prepping for N10-007 just like you. If there are concepts you’re not clear on, then these sites are a good place to perfectly polish those out. There is room for instant back & forth communication which facilitates the process of studying.
  • Another effective technique is to huddle up into study groups. This way you have access to unique individuals who’ll each have something to contribute to the session. Discussions on concepts and demonstrations of applied skills will be more fruitful as each can share their understanding or the ways they approached problems. Open communication and team effort are what makes this option so attractive.
  • There are so many books and best-sellers you can choose from on Amazon. You could opt for free or paid video-courses on YouTube or the wider web. But regardless of what you choose, one thing remains constant: the need to learn ACTIVELY. Reading textbooks and watching videos are very passive in nature; certain critical areas of your brain remain dormant with these routes, hence the lack of comprehension. A better practice would be to pluck out a pen and start writing down what you’re grasping from these vids in your own words. Personalizing your notes this way helps for better recall even far into the future.
  • You should also condense these notes later into concise flashcards. When it comes to networking concepts and terminologies, there are A LOT of them. And having these cards to review then and now will help for a quick brain refresher. For enhanced impact, try integrating spaced repetition: review often in the beginning and slowly increase the distance between recap intervals as time goes on. This way problem topics which demand more attention will be isolated.
  • You should be well acquainted with the structure and pattern of questions in test N10-007. To achieve this requires an overdose on practice tests. A good place to look would be because they upload a lot of free N10-007 mocks. They even have the ‘CompTIA N10-007 Premium Bundle’ at a list price of $79.99 which can give you 488 real N10-007 questions from past sessions along with answers verified by IT professionals. It even includes an 88-lecture training course and a detailed study-guide. You’ll open these mock tests via the VCE Exam Simulator which will mirror the exact N10-007 test environment, and this really helps shape you into that victorious candidate.


Take Action ASAP!

The CompTIA Network+ credential is recognized by the biggest companies in the world. It also helps land over 10 different job roles including System Engineer and IS Consultant. But, will YOU choose to capture this all? If so, follow our smart study guidance and use the authentic and efficient practice tests from such reliable websites as ExamSnap, ExamCollection, Exam-Labs, and PrepAway to squash the CompTIA N10-007 assessment and snatch that Network+ badge!



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