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How To Improve Your Job Security

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While it seems jobs may be scarce due to a decline in investments, there are still plenty of secure jobs to be found. Hence we will talk about job secuirty in this topic.  With the evolution of technology comes a wave of job opportunities all demanding new skills. So how can you harness, and retain, a financially and emotionally secure job in a career you enjoy? The secret here is to do your research, invest in your own education and identify gaps in the market. Featuring a mix of economic advice and self-improvement, here is a comprehensive guide to starting and keeping a long-term job.


Educate yourself on digital marketing

We don’t necessarily mean go back to school or university, by continuing with on-the-job training and education you’ll make yourself a valuable asset to the company you work for. It’s particularly important to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing techniques and trends by watching YouTube videos, reading industry news articles, following influencers on all the social media platforms and even taking an evening course or taking a sponsored course within your company. Digital makreing and knowing digital trend is best job security one could think of. The digital world is growing rapidly, and companies are starting to notice the power of SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing. By staying on top of the very best digital marketing practices, you’re transforming yourself into an indispensable employee – as your amazing ideas will bring the results your company need. If you’re bringing success to your company, there’s a significant chance your job will remain extremely secure. Digital marketing encompasses a breadth of possibilities, so being in the know will stand you in very good stead in terms of job prospects. Even having previous experience working within content marketing, even for your own blog, for example, will be valuable to a potential employer.

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Follow high-demand career paths

What do cybersecurity engineers, audit executives, and lawyers have in common? They’re some of the most in-demand careers right now. Cybersecurity engineers are especially in hot demand as the world is undergoing rapid changes when it comes to data security. Information security is a high priority for all multinational corporations – so cybersecurity engineers are an integral part of high-paying sectors including banks, power suppliers, cryptocurrency vendors, healthcare, telecoms and insurance companies. Cybersecurity and data privacy is increasingly making its way into retail too, as companies want to keep customers’ card details and transactions safe online.


Choose a stress-free career over a higher salary

Education will always be an employment sector in great demand. The average salary of a university or college professor in India currently stands at 9.13 lakhs per year. However, it isn’t the salary that makes this job so secure. It’s a relatively stress-free career, meaning you’ll probably stick with it for longer. Typical duties involve inspiring the next generation, planning lessons, scheduling your timetable and passing down your wisdom. Expect generous vacations, good working conditions and minimal travel as the role only involves a few conferences per year. Of course, being a professor is not without its disadvantages, but fortunately, the positive aspects far outweigh the negative aspects



Keep your CIBL score in check

Your Credit Information Bureau Ltd (CIBL) may affect your employment, as some companies may perform random credit checks (with your permission). So it’s always good to ensure you have a healthy CIBL score. If you don’t have any credit, it doesn’t always mean your company will look at this as a favourable situation It’s wise to keep a few credit accounts open such as a credit card and a secured loan. This demonstrates to your employers that you are doing a great job of keeping your finances in order because you’re able to have credit yet pay it off on time. A department store credit card is a great example of appropriate credit – it’s worth reading up on the benefits on the Bonsai Finance blog. Having a good or excellent credit rating demonstrates to your employers that you’re a reliable member of the team – so you’re more likely to stay employed for the long-term. Keeping a good credit rating is actually vital if you work in the financial or legal sectors, as it demonstrates you’re financially trustworthy enough to fulfil your responsibilities.


Identify industry pay hikes

Identifying the salary raises for each industry year-on-year can be an effective way to ensure job security. Careers in retail and pharma industries, for example, saw an average salary increase of 10.5% and 10.3%, respectively. The increase in salaries shows that the industry is thriving and expected to continue thriving. This could mean a job in this particular industry could be secure for decades to come. Another industry experiencing significant salary increases is the digital sector, which is an industry worth being involved with. As for specific positions in companies, middle management and skilled workers actually experienced the biggest salary increase, compared to high-level management who experienced a plateau in salary. So if you’re looking to be promoted to high-level management in the next few months, it’s worth holding off until the situation is more secure. This could be useful tip for job secuirty. 


Take advantage of outsourcing

One of the biggest mainstays of the Indian economy is outsourcing. Many of the biggest global brands, such as Ford, CISCO, and American Express are happily outsourcing millions of jobs to Indian professionals. Now is the prime time to benefit from this boom in outsourcing from the west – and it comes with an exceptional amount of job security. Other countries are noticing the immense talent available in this country, and the pay is usually very healthy. For example, General Electric built a $130 million super centre in Bangalore dedicated to research and development. The centre employs thousands of skilled Indian workers and professionals. It seems the future is bright for outsourced workers, as it has the largest pool of technical talent in the entire world, competitive prices, and unrivalled productivity rates. Part of the success of outsourcing is due to the time zone differences between India, the UK, and the USA, making it a lot easier to offer 24-hour customer service.

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