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LSAT Prep Guide: How To Prepare For A Law School Entrance Exam

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The Law School Admission Test is a standardized test given to law school candidates, designed to test their verbal reasoning and reading comprehension skills. Law schools operating in the US, Canada, and Australia administer the LSAT as part of their admission process.

The LSAT is scored from 120 to 180. And while the average score is 150, scoring high on law school entry exams (at least 160) earns you admission to one of the top law schools in the world. The score you’ll earn from the LSAT plays a vital role in your application to law schools and your performance as a law student, which is why you should properly prepare for it.


Here’s how you can prepare for an upcoming LSAT exam:

  1. Register Early

When preparing for the LSAT, time is an important factor. Not having enough time to study for the LSAT exam can result in a bad score and a lot of stress. You can prevent this from happening by registering for the LSAT as early as possible.

Do some research and know the registration dates of the LSAT exam in your area. Once you have this information, comply with the requirements, and register early.

This is an essential step in preparing for the LSAT because once you already have the dates, it’ll be easier for you to adjust your schedule and scout for study materials. This information can also help you prepare mentally as you’ll know how much time you have to study.

  1. Study For Months

Now that you know when the schedule for your upcoming LSAT exam is, you can begin studying. Because figuring out why a certain argument is flawed or how to draw transitive deduction requires time, you need to spend at least two months to study for the LSAT exam.

The LSAT exam will have a unique format, and time is a requirement for your mind to properly adjust. You’ll be rewiring your brain to ensure that you can grasp all of the lessons covered in the exam.

Ideally, you should spend two to three hours a day studying for at least four days a week. During this schedule, distractions of all sorts should be blocked. And although it can be tempting to study longer, don’t do it. Your brain isn’t a machine and will require rest as well.

  1. Use Study Materials

As mentioned, the score you’ll get from your LSAT exam can be a contributing factor to your success as a law student. Because the exam is divided into several sections and covers different topics, studying for it can be a struggle. This is especially true if you perform poorly in some of these topics.

There are now study materials available for the LSAT exam. Books and other online resources can be purchased to better supplement your attempts to study for the exam. You can even download study apps and access them whenever you want to. With the number of resources available, it’s best if you pick those that discuss topics based on your pace and skill set.

It will also help if you invest more in study materials that cover your weak areas. If you’re planning to buy one book each for the topics covered in the LSAT exam, add one or two more sources for topics you’re weak at. The more materials you use, the easier it’ll be for you to finally understand the topic.

  1. Analyze, Don’t Practice

Setting your expectations for the LSAT exam is easier because several practice tests are now available online. You’ll have the opportunity to take the exam as often as you want.

Regular practice can help you get accustomed to the format and questions asked in the LSAT exam, but merely practicing doesn’t warrant the best scores. Aside from practicing, make sure that you’re also analyzing the results of these practice tests.

After you took timed practices online, don’t merely add up and record your score. Instead, take note of the questions you got wrong and learn why you weren’t able to answer them. There’s no point in practicing countless times but not having any idea why you weren’t able to correctly answer a specific question.

Reviewing and studying for the LSAT requires time, so make sure that you’re carefully analyzing all of the questions that you answered wrong.


Time And Commitment Counts

Preparing for a law school entrance exam may feel daunting. For you to earn a high score in your upcoming LSAT exam, you just need to exert time and commit to studying. Practicing these traits, aside from following the tips from this article, can become your ticket to finally study in one of the best law schools in the country!

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