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Much Needed HR Practices Every Company Should Adopt

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Hiring the best staff in an environment of constant change and rapid technological development might be a hassle for many companies. Given the reality where every year brings us a new stream of young job seekers with a whole new perspective on former generations, HR experts simply cannot breakthrough using the same old practices as yesterday. HR departments should pose as a vibrant and innovative core, updated to the latest business strategies and growth in HR tech. The best HR practice should undoubtedly focus on what will work for your business, that whatever will increase your business performance, regardless of your domain. A good HR team will ensure your company chances of constant progress and will meet your employee expectations using the best practices.


Selective recruitment

Employee engagement becomes more competitive with lots of companies fighting to attract and secure the best employees. To make sure everything goes as planned, your HR team should undergo some serious changes in their recruitment process, find new effective and realistic strategies such as comprehensive job descriptions and examples. Owner of the career and human resources site, Patrick Algrim said, “If you want to get higher responses on your job postings, use job descriptions that have salaries tied to them. There’s a number of job description examples that contain average salary ranges for you to use.” A proper description will help you proceed with proper recruitment that will conform to your business needs and your employee’s standards.

Matching Employee Expectations with Company’s Needs

A good HR team should be the stimulant of an open and honest staff engagement between the staff and management. Because most of the times employees develop a wrong perception of what their role is in a company. Your HR team duty is to eliminate these convictions and ensure your new employees establish their role and feel valued. Good HR practices should include the use of real-time metrics analytics for a greater perspective and effectiveness of the recruitment process. Usually, common recruitment metrics must deal with:

  • Time to hire
  • Time to accept
  • Time to start
  • Time to inform
  • Time per stage
  • Source of hire
  • Contact rate
  • Candidate experience
  • Talent pool growth

Effective Training

Companies that aim at great result immediately after they’ve hired their much-needed employees should acknowledge the importance of effective training. This will offer your new employees the possibility to get updated to the latest trends and progressions in their field, boosting their confidence and skills, maintaining their motivation on a daily basis. Effective training must focus on everyone’s level of knowledge and challenge their newly acquired skills.

Accessible Information

A much-needed practice every big business should undergo for an exceptional employer brand would be easy access to information. It might sound odd for many of you but, companies have a tendency to underestimate the wave of information needed for their new employees. Lack of information plus lack of transparency often leads to productivity deficiency and demotivation. If your staff never shares their business achievements or failures that can make them feel underappreciated. A good HR practice will help people connect, share valuable information and bring out the best qualities in your staff.

If implemented properly, these practices would align with your business’s requirements and standards leading to an increased rate of productivity.

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