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All you need to know about an SEO firm

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All over the world, there are different companies and businesses that instead of getting shout outs from different places, they get to the idea of making it possible to get the customers like their product through marketing. Marketing strategies cost these people a lot of money with no guarantee that with the help of an advertisement, their product would get any recognition or not. However, there is an option that is known as the search engine optimization strategy where these people get all the recognition they want with the help of the SEO firm.


What is an SEO firm?

An SEO company is a firm that helps people in getting their website ranked on the top places so that people click on them and visit them shortly too, for that matter.

  • It makes SEO strategies so that the website can get organic traffic that would, in the end, result in the sales of the company and generate a lot of profits for the business then.
  • They get an analysis done of the company to get to know where the problem is and what place should be promoted the most and according to that, they create even better SEO strategies so that the company can become famous and popular and people buy their products regularly too.

San Jose SEO company

There is an SEO company at San Jose, known by the name of Street Smart Media in  Seo San Jose. Victor Smushkevich CEO of Smart Street Media, has made it an amazing company. It is considered to be one of the best SEO companies as they provide voice search, social media prioritization, get the people to create more original content to support it as well for that matter.

Why do mobiles and desktops have different SEO strategies?

There are different reasons as to why there are different SEO strategies made for desktops and mobile phones; some of the reasons are mentioned and even explained here. That is done so that a website is accessible through both the mediums and is not confined to being used at only desktops or just the mobile phones then.

  • The screen size of both the desktops and mobiles vary, phone screens being too small compared to the desktop screen and for the website to be opened on both of them, it is important that the font size can be comprehended and then be applied on them. Not everything can be shown on the mobile screen, and so some of the content of the website is removed when it is opened on a mobile phone.
  • The user intent is important here as well, as when a person uses a phone, it is not for huge research projects but to find the price, location, or just small stuff. Whereas at a desktop, whole research projects are being carried out and so it is important that the SEO strategies are made for both of them.

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