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Need to write more? 4 ways you can get into the habit of writing more

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As an aspiring blogger, you probably began your blog with a few posts in mind. Now those have been published and you’ve enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it, now you might be wondering where to go next.

Having a successful blog means releasing fresh content at least twice a week. Not only will this keep your readers interested in your blog, but it will also encourage Google to keep your blog popping up in search results – google LOVES fresh content! So, how can you get into the habit of writing more? It’s not easy to keep up the momentum of writing, doing spelling and grammar checks as well as checking for plagiarism – check out this plagiarism checker from Scribbr – it’s even more difficult if you already have a full time job, or you’re running round after the kids all day.  But, help is at hand. At the end of the day, if you want your blog to succeed then you need to get into the habit of writing more. And if you follow these 4 steps you’re sure to get the hang of it.

Focus on writing about what you know

Writing about what you know is the biggest and simplest piece of blogging advice I can give you. Why? Because writing about what you know is easy. You won’t need to research and double check every line or statement, you’ll feel confident in your writing and it will show. Not only that, but writing about what you know allows you to concentrate on developing your own writing style and maturing your writing skills, something which you might find difficult if you’re researching subjects you have little interest or knowledge in. To get started, think about what interests you.

Stick to your deadlines

Having a deadline in place means that when it comes down to it, you’re going to work harder to meet it. Having something to aim for will push you to give good results! Even more so, if you have readers waiting in the wings. Try to keep the right balance by remembering why you’re writing this blog in the first place. Churning out half-baked articles simply because you have to won’t make you feel good or your readership stick around. Plan which days you intend to post.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Make sure you’re staying up to date with the latest trends and news articles. Your blog might not be politically or financially orientated, but if you’re writing about the cost of school uniforms or flights abroad then it might come in handy. It’ll also give your creativity a boost too!

Try keeping a journal

When you have an abundance of ideas and creativity, you’ll want to write more and more. Many bloggers keep a journal to hand, so they can write down various things that have happened to them throughout the day, how they felt in certain situations as well as things that have annoyed or elated them. Get into the habit of adding to it every day and you’ll soon be itching to write!

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