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PEO Companies Illinois

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Over 150,000 small businesses have chosen PEOs to run their HR affairs and provide the most exceptional benefits available in the market. PEOs provide an excellent co-employment model that gives your business a HR department that is up to par with those of your competitors. They reduce risks associated with non-compliance and lawsuits, standardized HR policies and extensive supervisory training.

This guide will shed light on how PEO companies in Illinois like digitalexits run, they will help you determine if it is the best solution for your business:

What is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization is a co-employment solution for small businesses that want to provide HR benefits that are just as excellent as those offered by established businesses among other services. A few of these services include 401-k retirement plans, Workers’ Compensation, tax and government compliance, payroll management and HR management.


PEOs charge a fixed rate per employee from your entire payroll, among other benefit administration fees. Your payments may be charged as a percentage of payroll (POP) or a fixed per employee per month charge (PEPM).  A PEO provides a team of dedicated experts to handle your HR, risk management and employee benefits needs to ensure you have reliable one-on-one customer support.


Better benefits:

PEO’s ability to pool all their clients’ employees enable them to enroll them in the best health insurance and disability plans that would only be available to more established businesses. This ensures that you get your employees the best benefits at reduced cost.

Legal compliance

Complying with the myriad of HR state and federal law can be tasking on your own, with failure leading to costly repercussions. PEOs have a team of HR specialists to keep your business compliant with all regulations and ensure you pay your taxes and WC payments as per the law.

Legal protection

Employer’s liabilities leave you vulnerable to lawsuits in discrimination and wrongful terminations. PEOs have experts in equal employment opportunity and employment liability insurance to give you ammunition in the event of a legal battle.


Surrendering some control

If you prefer a hands-on approach to run your business affairs, bringing a PEO on board could be somewhat cumbersome. Their primary function is to take over some of your work to relieve you of it, so you will need to stand back sometimes to ensure that they do their job efficiently.


The fact that they handle many employees may make client services rather impersonal. Your queries may be passed on to a rep so that the response may not be specific to your needs.

Pricing issues

Their pricing may lack transparency. For instance, if you are billed via POP, you may not be sure if they included the payroll, taxes, WC, EPLI and their admin fees. It may also be difficult to determine what price is fair depending on the size of your company, location, and industry.


Deciding whether or not you need a PEO will come down to your HR dynamics. If you have a high-risk department like one with high employee turnover, then a team of experts would do you right.




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