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How to study and Pass NASM Exams

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NASM stands for National Academy of Sports Medicine. This is for people who are interested in being a qualified personal trainer. If you are interested in taking NASM Certified Personal Trainer Certification, you have to study and pass the exams. Just like studying for other exams in other fields, there are challenges involved. The following tips will help you study and pass the NASM exam within the first trial:


  1. Stay Focused and Committed

Most of the time, you are required to study for this course on your own. Therefore, you need to stay focused and commit yourself to study. You have to create time each day to study. It is hard to stay motivated to study, especially when you are doing it all by yourself. But if you really need it, you have to push yourself to do it.

  1. Make Use of Online Study Materials

There are so many online materials that can help you study for the NASM. You can subscribe to the weekly learning emails from NASM. They will give you a guide for each chapter. This will help you study easily chapter by chapter. Make notes for each chapter you read. This will make the revision much simpler and easier. You can also join e-teach classes. It works just like a normal class. You will get the notes and do mock tests. There are due dates for every activity. This will help you stay focused the whole time. You can also use free YouTube videos and articles to help you study.

  1. Get a NASM Study Guide

Since you are taking the NASM exam, it is important to get their study guide. You can purchase the practice test and study guide for NASM from online bookstores or Amazon. The study guide will help you know what you are required to cover. Ensure that you take all the practice tests you come across. This will sharpen your exam doing skills. The more tests you do, you get more prepared to undertake the actual NASM exam. It does not have to be just the NASM guide or practice tests, you can try out other study guides and Practice exams. You can do all these practice tests more than once.

  1. Practice What You Learn

Apply what you learn in real life. If you go to the gym, try and remember what you have learned so far and practice it. Understand all the basics of the human body. Learn every muscle of the human body and understand their functions. This will help you in a big way in passing your exams.

  1. Read All Over Again

Read and re-read every chapter. This will ensure that you completely understand and remember most of what you learn. Read the chapters you do not understand well more times. Set out a few hours every day to study for your NASM exam.

If you want to qualify to be a personal trainer, you need to study hard. Plan activities for each week and day. It is not easy, especially doing it alone. But it will be worth it in the end.

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