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Why today’s generation needs mentoring rather than tutoring?

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Presently the trend of imparting education has been mostly through the traditional method of teacher-student tutoring, where one teacher is imparting education to a number of students in a closed classroom. The focus here is the relay of knowledge and education by means of instruction and explanation. All across India, these are the type of learning practices followed for decades. However, educational analysts are quick to point its irrelevancy and ask:

Does it work in the present system? Where is knowledge constantly refreshed 24 *7?

Did you know that the tutored module described above doesn’t work? Because in the industry need is for students who can independently think on their feet, and at present more than 50% of graduates are deemed unemployable in reality.

Why today's generation needs mentoring rather than tutoring?

Challenges of Typical Tutoring

By the time students graduate or decide to pursue higher studies, they are already used to a system that has not taught them to think independently. This handicaps the student in present industry and the student finds difficulty in getting good jobs, where individual thinking and confidently taking decisions is daily required.

Luckily, some senior academics started to remedy this trend by starting their own private, self-financed educational institutions. As per our research, we found that one of the leading university in Nashik, called  Sandip University has adopted the latest in modern technology to give enrolling students a platform to get knowledge and educated in the right way.

One of its key USP’s is that their faculty comes from the top institutes (IIT&NIT) in India, and are groomed not to merely “TEACH” students but rather to “MENTOR” them for the long run. This approach of mentoring has been found to be much more effective in the interests of students rather than merely tutoring.

According to sources on conducting one to one communication with students, we have found that the mentors voluntarily took responsibility of grooming the students on not just the technical aspects of the course, but to be proficient smart individuals who are confidently able to communicate their thoughts and plan out their activities. This especially helps when studying subjects like engineering where when doing one’s job by just possessing theoretical knowledge is no longer satisfactory, good practical exposure to is necessary. The aspirants who wish to apply for Engineering admission for 2017 can enroll today, and be assured to get high-quality skills from the learned mentors at Sandip University.

Key aspects of Mentoring

  1. It provides technical knowledge useful for career growth.
  2. Mentors mold you as per the industry level when it comes to campus placements.
  3. Mentors responsibility is to guide students and not just merely educate them.
  4. Assured guidance and assistance on technological developments.
  5. Mentors engage in a much more personal relationship with their mentee’s.
  6. Mentors are able to find out the professional level of their mentee based on his decision taking ability.

Importance Of Mentoring In Higher Education

Research has given valuable insights on the positive outcomes of mentoring. Firstly, when students join graduate studies or any other higher education that requires critical independent thinking, independent analysis; students coming directly from a traditional schooling background will find it very challenging unless they directly come under the tutelage of a good mentor, who has already been in their shoes. This will help the student in really navigating some of the challenges with a mature and independent bend of mind.

Advantages of Mentoring

  • A recent study revealed that those who had developed mentoring relationships with faculty members were more likely to exhibit greater productivity when submitting research papers, instructional developmental content, pre-doctoral publications, grant writing and in conference submissions.
  • Have been found to do better at graduate school, finish their degree work relatively quickly, and perform better in academic course work.


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