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Top of the Pile: Crafting a Resume That Will Get You Noticed

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We’ve all seen them before— those HR cartoons where piles of resumes are stacked nearly to the ceiling. If you’re desperate to keep yours from landing in that pile, then it’s time to give your resume some extra TLC, starting with the way you think about it. That might seem like a no-brainer; you’re already thinking about how to make your resume successful! However, you might not know these three things that can make a big difference in your resume’s success.

One Size (Resume) Doesn’t Fit All

If you think all resumes are the same, think again! It should actually be tailored to each job you apply for, and the look of your resume might change drastically depending on the type of job and your circumstances. Are you applying for your first job? Are you trying to transfer skills from one job to another industry? What if you’re a student?


Less Is More

When it comes to making your resume stand out, a lot of people think that means relying on flashy graphics or funny wording to get some extra attention. (Just check outthese examples for a quick guide on what not to do!) It’s true that you have a limited opportunity to make an impression; a recent study showed that hiring managers spend less than 60 seconds looking at a resume. But the key is not to stand out by being wacky.

Since the most common resume blunders have to do with lack of professionalism, you’re better off crafting a minimalist resume that focuses on correct spelling, grammar, and accurate description of your qualifications. Keep the gimmicks and humor to a minimum!

Let Someone Else do the Hard Work for You!

Creating your ideal resume and avoiding bloopers seem like pretty simple directions, but it can be a tall order if you’re not sure how to get started. That’s why you can benefit from a resume design template. Resume templates are awesome because they take a huge chunk of the stress out of your application process. Instead of worrying about formatting, you can focus on conveying your qualifications. Additionally, since these formats and graphics are already set, it makes it easier to edit your resume for each job opening, prioritizing the qualifications each individual job requires.

Following these tips can help you craft a resume that appeals to employers, pushing you closer to getting that job you want. Formatting and customizing —along with a spelling and grammar check—will help you avoid those common blunders and describe your skills in a way that will really make your resume stand out.

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