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Top Tips for Getting your First Graduate Job

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With more people continuing their education after high school than ever before and the population being at an all-time high, competition for jobs is tough, especially when you’re a new graduate without much work experience. For every graduate job advertised there can be hundreds of applicants, so it’s important that you get your CV to the top of the pile and interview well if you want to secure a great job straight out of college.

The best place to start when it comes to getting on the path to a fantastic career is studying a great course. An online master of financial economics could see you take the financial world by storm. If this is something you are interested in, apply to Ohio University today.Here are some top tips to help you.


Top Tips for Getting your First Graduate Job

Keep Your Skills Up to Date

While college is fantastic and will prepare you with plenty of knowledge and skills to take forward to your career, extra skills could be what set you apart from the other graduates. Take courses online to ensure your knowledge stays up to date, especially if you have had a break after school. Remember, it’s important to never stop learning as the world is changing, growing, and developing every day.

Gain Work Experience

Work experience is exceptionally valuable when it comes to applying for jobs. Try to gain any relevant experience you can. It doesn’t even need to be paid. For example, if you were studying an online MFE degree you could write some guest posts for a financial blog or journal, which would look great on your CV.

If you can’t get relevant experience, anything at all is better than nothing. Just focus on any key or transferable skills and make sure they are prominent on your CV.

Perfect Your CV

Your CV needs to be neat, easy to read, to the point, and professional. Tailor it to the job you are applying for instead of using a generic version and be sure to sell yourself well. Include relevant skills, experience, and also personality traits that you feel could be helpful.

Make a Great First Impression

First impressions are so important; you only get one after all. So, whether you are handing in a CV in person or meeting a prospective employer for the first time at the interview, make sure you make a great first impression. You must be clean, tidy, and professionally dressed. Stand straight, look confident and offer a firm handshake and a smile. It’s fine to be nervous, but try not to show it.

Be Careful Online

Social media is your personal space online. However, we all do the odd bit of Facebook stalking and your prospective employers are no different. It doesn’t need to be totally toned down, but think about who might see things when you post. Also, check your email address. Cute or funny addresses were great when you were 13 but don’t look so good on a graduate CV.


Start networking while you are still studying. Any connections you make could be useful in the future so present yourself well and make a great first impression.

It’s possible to gain a great job straight out of school if you follow these steps and take your time.


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