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The Truth about Jobs and Working in Singapore

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Singapore ranks among the topmost attractive destinations in the world for foreigners to work.  A survey conducted by the Singapore government recently shows that nine out of ten foreign workers are contented with working in Singapore. The reasons that make the island state to be among the best working destinations include low crime rate, have the best intellectual property protection laws and has top quality of life and a first class health system.

Are you considering establishing a business in the Asian region? Singapore should be among the first places you should give much consideration due to the best opportunities and environment that the Lion City offers to have your business thrive. You do not have to worry on how to go about forming your business but liaise with a well-experienced agent to help you in the incorporation of a private limited company, as this form of business is the best due to credibility and liability issues.

Below are some key issues to do with working in Singapore, which are of utmost importance to you if you are a foreigner intending to relocate to Singapore to seek work.

The ease of foreigners living outside Singapore to get jobs in Singapore

The truth is that it is not as easy as many perceive to secure jobs in Singapore for foreigners especially while still not in Singapore. One of the reasons for this situation is the rise in injury rate among workers. There is a very high demand for various talents from international citizens but they are for particular skills or industries or levels and the locals and non-Singaporeans already in the island state compete for them substantially.

On checking out Singapore online job boards or sites, you will realize that most job postings insist that the applicants should strictly be either Singaporeans or Permanent Residents. The reason for this is that it is easier and less costly to hire those already in Singapore more so if they have the required skills or talent.

Schedule several interviews or meetings with potential employers or recruiters before travelling to Singapore

The idea that you will get interviews or meet with employers or recruiters once in Singapore or you will attend career fairs rarely bear fruits in securing jobs in Singapore for foreigners. A short visit may not suffice to get a job and career fairs are meant for those in Singapore so they may not be of much help.

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Online job boards are very crucial in your job search in Singapore

You should not have a blanket assumption that online job boards will not help you. There are chances of getting jobs that foreigners can apply but you need to spend more time and use some strategy. Making use of a job aggregator is a good idea that will help you a lot as it will enable you to find all Singapore jobs for foreigners at one place.

Use your contact and networking sites

Among the best bets to learn of available jobs for foreigners is through your contacts-friends, relatives, colleagues or people you are in the same association with, among other contacts. You could ease the connection with these people by employing online networking sites like LinkedIn.

Apply only for jobs that match your qualifications, experience and other requirements

You ought to come out clearly on your qualifications, knowledge, experience, skills and other requirements and only apply to matching jobs.  This will save you time and raise your success rate.

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Have well-prepared marketing materials

Your resume, application or cover letter and other material for searching job must be well prepared, easy to read and comprehend and relevant to increase your chances of landing the positions you apply for.

Prepare adequately for interviews

It is prudent to prepare well for all interview and practice the responses you will give in interviews or meetings with recruiters or employers.

Be willing to compromise

You may not land the exact jobs you were seeking or the pay may not match your expectations, but it is advisable you be ready to compromise so you first secure a job in Singapore. Afterwards, working on getting another job while already there will be easier.

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