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What to Know about Being a Freelancer

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In this article we will discuss the following:


  • Freelancing Explained
  • Does Freelancing have a Future?
  • Should I Use an Online Freelancing Platform?
  • What Freelancing Jobs Are Available?
  • Freelancer as Career Option


A growing number of workers in India are joining the freelance job market. They are finding work and finding it to be very rewarding for them as Freelancer. Let’s look at what freelancing is all about to see if it might be right for you. 


Freelancing Explained


Freelancing is working as a for-hire employee. You may have a contract, but you essentially go from job to job and choose your work and choose your employer. These tend to be short-term jobs, and you decide your rates, when you work and all the other details that make up your job. You are working at the behest of a client, but there is a lot of freedom as to how you go about the job. You just want to be sure that you make the details clear to your client so that they understand what to expect up front. 


Does Freelancing have a Future?


There are so many freelancing jobs available right now, and India has a burgeoning market for freelance workers. Most Indian firms have about 20% of their workforce coming from freelance jobs. That is a lot of freelancers, and many of them are people who are setting their own rates and their own working hours. There is definitely a future for those who are interested in this line of work. They just have to know how to find the jobs that are being offered, which is what career counselling can help with. 


Should I Use an Online Freelancing Platform?


There are multiple freelancing platforms available online that help freelancers find work so they don’t have to search for themselves. This is a great way to get into the workforce right away rather than trying to find a little job here and there. The online platforms are trusted by business firms, so that built-in level of trust helps you to get started working quickly rather than going through a long process of vetting by the employer. 


The drawback to this kind of service is that you don’t always enjoy the freedom to set your own rates. You may be subject to the operating procedures of the firm. You might also have lots of work piled on you at once, and you may need to clear your schedule quickly and without much notice. It can be useful to have a home cleaning service on call ready to do some chores for you or a babysitting service ready to go for when you need to do long stretches of work. Freelancers who work with online platforms need to be ready for anything. 


What Freelancing Jobs Are Available?


The jobs available in the freelance marketplace are as varied as your skillset. If you have a skill, then it can probably be used to freelance with, so hone those skills to be ready to put them to use. 

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