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Work From Home Resume Writing Tips For 2020

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With the entire world being at home these days, it can be important for people to know how an individual can write a job-winning resume while sitting at the comfort of one’s home. The process requires research, as well as the investment of time and effort. Fortunately, some people already did that; there are services like, the ones making the lives of millions of people seeking a job easier with professional resume writing. This is something that can help you find an ideal career with little effort. Going further, there is a list of from home resume writing tips that are applicable for any given job a person might seek.

Understanding the Process

As with any professional endeavor, the initial phase of writing a resume starts with understanding the process a person will undergo. With resume writing, it can be tricky because people who put together their personal and professional information often do not have sufficient writing and communication skills to convert information about themselves into something that will offer them a competitive advantage on the job market. In such a sense, it is crucial to understand that it is about doing it the right way. For instance, when engaging in the research of a particular topic, something like the benefits of gaming, a researcher should approach the matter, knowing what he or she is doing. The similar case is with the resume writing.

Knowing the Recruiting Software

Following the fruits of the technological era, the majority of companies use recruiting software, the programs allowing them to look for candidates based on certain variables that employers insert in the software. In such regard, it is beneficial to research such programs, for instance, ones like Greenhouse, to understand how they operate and what are the most used variables inserted by employers.

The more a person will know about what candidates employers are looking for, the better one can prepare, and writing a good resume is the key to such preparation. When engaging in the investigation, you can make a list of tops qualities or traits that employers in the professional field of interest look for. As a result, knowing the tools employer use provides you with an advantage one can later utilize the professional benefit.

Formatting Your Work

Creating an appealing resume requires effort and many revisions. Making the resume in a particular format ensures that the employer will like it before even reading the information you put in it. It could be said that using a bullet point format is the best choice for making a visually appealing resume. With such an approach, the information will look organized and well-developed, something that will elucidate yourself as an organized person. The important thing about the bullet point format is about knowing what vital information and interests to put on a resume. Explicitly, the bullet point format does not offer much space for speculation. That is why it is crucial to determine the best educational and professional experience you want to insert in a resume.


Social Networking

Social networking is a vital tool for finding a good career. Knowing your way through LinkedIn often provides a person with a massive advantage in terms of finding employment. When working from home, the option available for freelance employees, it is crucial to have a resume that will stand out and make your candidature appealing to an employer. LinkedIn allows a user to create a virtual resume, the one that can be easily reformatted to become a more conventional resume, the one you can than sending via e-mail or hard copy. So, remember to make a perfect LinkedIn profile picture!

Besides, using social media networks allows you to find people who are employed in professional fields you are interested in entering. There is nothing wrong with getting acquainted with new people who can get information about a particular company or position. You can start a discussion with such individual from any given topic, for instance, pros and cons of online colleges, and later proceed to ask vital questions that will then help you make your resume more appealing as well as can prepare yourself for a potential interview, the next stage of the employment process.

Valuable Resources

There are many sources online that can help you create a successful resume. However, it is essential to remember that many of the links are there to serve as clickbait and not to help a person write a job-getting resume. As a practical tip, I would like to present several online platforms that proved to have a good reputation in the context of helping people to develop a successful resume.

  • The sources like CraftResumes provide a user with multiple professional online tools a person can use to craft a successful resume. The platform cooperates with major companies and corporations that employ thousands of people.
  • Knock ‘Em Dead Resumes is the online book that you can read and get major insights about what it means to have a successful resume. Moreover, in the book, one can find real examples of resumes that employed people who had almost no professional experience.
  • Purdue OWL is the website that will help you prepare a grammatically as well as stylistically correct resume, the one that employers will read understanding that you are an intelligent and responsible person.

Final Takeaways

Writing resumes are something of an art form. When working from home and having almost no professional experience, it is crucial to use rhetoric and knowledge to make the type of resume that no employer could pass by.

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