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Working from home – How good is it to drop the suit and tie for your living room couch?

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No matter what our choices are, we all have to secure an income that will help us survive. No matter if you have to provide for an entire family or just for yourself, you will need to work. But that can be a real torment for those that just can’t handle the whole suit and tie deal. Luckily, modern solutions have made it so even those who can’t stand being in a traditional workspace environment can prosper and produce enough revenue to sustain themselves and their loved ones. Working from home, as suggested by, is the new approach to business as more and more successful business owners handle their business duties from the comfort of their own home. Here are some of the benefits of working from home.


Working from home

Convenient schedule

Schedules are most likely the bread and butter of traditional work environments. You punch in at a given time, and then you punch out at another given time. And you continue to do that every day for as long as you work. By working from home, you can modify your schedule according to your liking, and even if your business is time sensitive, you can still get in invaluable rest time before starting work by cutting out the time it would have taken you to get to work. Some people live fairly close to work and have a car, but others a really far and have to commute to work over a long drive with public transportation.

Personal Comfort

No matter how big of an advocate you might be for sharp dressing, you can’t deny that you can only sit around for so long in a suit before you start feeling pretty worn out or uncomfortable. By working from the comfort of your own home, you have the liberty of donning a comfortable outfit that will allow you to concentrate on work and not on how much your neck itches from that obviously ill-crafted collar. Despite what some might think, a lot of productivity is wasted through employees not being comfortable and thus not being able to dedicate their full attention to their respective projects or obligations.

Fewer expenses

Despite what some might say, it can get quite expensive to get to work today. Regardless if you’re using public transportation or your own car, you still need to pay whether it’s for fuel or for tickets. The bottom line is that it can amount to quite the bill at the end of the month, and  when you factor in other expenses like always having your work clothes washed and fine printed, buying beverages throughout the day or even constantly ordering take-out, it’s a big chunk of your paycheck which you can get save by working from home.

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