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How to Write Better Essays with and the Best Writers

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If you have ever thought about how to improve essay writing skills, we are here to help you. No, we don’t offer paid or free theoretical materials about writing, neither we offer writing tutorials or lessons. If you have ever tried them, you know that theory and practice are completely different things. You might be an expert theoretically but when it comes to writing as it is, all your knowledge seems to disappear.


We, at AffordablePapers, offer something completely different: we offer you writing services. And no, we do not speak just about delivering a ready paper. Do you know that with a ready paper, we mean the paper of the best quality, you can improve essay writing skills significantly? You might be wondering how you can do it. Ok, we are glad to provide you with some recommendations about it.

Order Your Assignment from Our Experts

This is the first step you should do: buy your essay from a company that can provide the highest quality service. You might be wondering why you should place your order with us? There are some important reasons to do so:

  • Our specialists are among the best in the world. We have selected them based on a number of criteria, so, we are confident that they can write in the way you need it.

  • Our writers are located in different time-zones. It means you can get the service whenever you place your “help me with my essays” request.

  • They always do their work in compliance with all your requirements. It means that you can use a paper delivered by them as a sample.

Identify the Structural Elements of the Paper

Now, you have to identify the parts of the paper. You know that a paper should start with an introduction, and so on. However, identifying all structural elements of a paper might be more complicated than you think. While in a dissertation, a research paper or a term paper, for example, each part might be arranged on a new sheet and even have its own title, an essay might be written as a text without subtitles. A new passage doesn’t always mean a new structural element of a paper.

Have you managed to find all of them? Now, check how they are connected. Usually, the last sentence of a previous part should contain some transition element to introduce the following part. Are there any special words used? When you request a cheap essay writing service from us, you will see all these details in your paper. Note all these connecting elements to be able to apply them in your future writing assignments.

What about the Selection of Lexical Means?

All words have meanings. If your paper is about something sad, the writer, most likely, has selected appropriate lexical units to express the mood. And on the contrary, if the paper is about something merry, the writer has selected different words to express the mood.

What are the brightest words in your paper? Which parts of the work make you feel especially strong emotions? Note how those words are used, read about lexical means to express emotions and about whatever else they can express.

Move to the Phrases and Sentences Structure

Words themselves are not of a big use if you don’t know how to combine them into phrases and sentences. Check how the writer did it, it works in the same way in cheap essays and expensive papers.

Do all sentences have the same structure? What are the differences between sentences, if any? How do different sentences influence the way you perceive them? Find more about specific ways of sentences constructions online. Check why those specific structures are used. You will discover many new things, we promise.

Write Your Paper to Practice

If you have time, write your own paper now. Apply all the knowledge you got from analyzing a ready paper and from researching the new things about writing. Compare both papers and make conclusions. If you want, you can order a cheap editing service from our specialist, just to see if you have made any mistakes. These simple steps will help your writing enormously.

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