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Are Young People Finally Taking Trades More Seriously?

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It’s hard to wrap your mind around everything that has happened because of the pandemic. One thing it has done is force society to reckon with the reality that some jobs are crucial and others aren’t, which is forcing young people to take trades more seriously.


Are Young People Finally Taking Trades More Seriously?


Opportunities Dried Up

One reason college-age kids are looking to trades is that opportunities have dried up. COVID-19 has forced folks who are interested in things like liberal arts to rethink this choice.


People are only going out for essentials. This is making it hard to keep other types of businesses open including the ones that might hire you. Smart students are looking at this new reality and accept that they’ve got fewer opportunities.


This could make it difficult to find a job, get paid, and live through this pandemic. Sure, things might change soon, but that day hasn’t come yet. Going to school for something you aren’t sure about feels too risky, especially right now.

Access to Affordable Classes

Another reason young folks are looking at trades is there are affordable education sources available now. Online colleges were frowned upon when they arrived, but things have changed. All of these are there to create a more inclusive college experience, which wasn’t possible before. Students and parents want to get more for less. Educational sites can provide all that and more. Plus, there are sites like where you can compare different schools. They have ranked some of the best trade schools here, if you’re still more inclined to get a classic college experience.

Ongoing Economic Downturn

It should be pointed out this pandemic is not over nor is the economic turmoil. This is something many families are facing along with their college-age children. Because of this, people are willing to go to colleges or educational sites that offer a career path at a much more affordable price.


Even if folks weren’t thinking about this before, they’ve changed their minds. Folks who are doing okay during this pandemic still can’t predict the future, so they are willing to cut down expenses. This gives them a chance to keep a little more tucked away for a rainy day, which can come at any time.


Parents that can’t give much to their children look at online trade schools as the answer for their growing child’s future. Most of the time, these classes are finished within a few months.

Self-Employment is Likely

At the moment, there aren’t a lot of businesses hiring. You can find a few, but some small business owners simply cannot afford to take on additional employees. This could make it difficult for young people to get a job right after college or trade school.


The good thing is trade school gives you skills that can be used virtually anywhere you go. A person who can’t find a job could simply advertise his or her skill online without depending on anyone.


Young people are realizing they can become a plumber and provide this service all the time. This job is still important even during the pandemic. People’s sinks or toilets can still get plugged up and will need your help. Since you can do it anywhere, you might find it easier to travel throughout the UK and beyond.

Running From Debt

A lot of students are dealing with debt. This is almost common knowledge nowadays. Sure, the UK offers more affordable options than other countries, but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect.


A chunk of people are still in debt, and young people know this. Smart people want to avoid debt as much as possible. Most people can see that with this economic turmoil it is not wise to apply for loans. Debt will force you to worry about making money after college. You already know how the job market is right now, so you might not even find a job quickly.


The pressure to find a job to pay your debt might be too much. Since educational sites are much cheaper, you don’t have to worry too much about debt. This frees up your future a bit, allowing you to save for bigger things like your own home or whatever your heart desires.


These are just some reasons why young folks are taking trades seriously. Young people want what every other young person from previous generations wanted: security. It seems like this generation has found their security cushion, and it’s trades.

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