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Jyoti Prakash Singh

Humane. Hearty. Adviser. Strategic Thinker. Serial Entrepreneur. Mover & Shaker. Most Connected on

Humane. Hearty. Adviser. Strategic Thinker. Serial Entrepreneur. Mover & Shaker. Most Connected on

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Preeti Sharma

Academic Counselor at New Delhi institute of management

4 years experience in education industry as a counselor

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Dr Ramya Singh

patented mLearning softskills – acquired from 10 countries – 1.8M regd users...1-on-1 platform for fluent spoken English

* Majority are still offering the so called multimedia that are not the right solution to train the “Organs of Speech” – might be okay for understanding. Many use Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) – an open source – but the users simply cannot compare these generic graphs manually – a user doesn't know on how to improve. * Some use String Comparator that simply says “yes” or “no” – a recent extension, percentage score pops up in the exact ratio the number of words in that sentence – obviously, only one parameter, "Spoke" or "didn't" – and hence no feedback on how to improve. * Automatic Speech Analysis System (ASAS©) – patented – pinpoints the exact problems, which Syllable/ Phoneme – and hence provides instant scores on four different parameters, and hence auto-personalized detailed feedback on how to improve the specifics. * Internet-games-like self-competition-creating ASAS© programs the subconscious mind unknowingly to speak the most frequent words, unit ideas and expressions fluidly. * All content including the accent on any subject as per any curriculum may be transformed using ASAS© * Trainers make the most of blended-learning and assign “listening & speaking” homework – scores auto-log at the alma mater. * CBSE, AICTE, NSDC or Staffing & Recruiting organizations use MyET to self-generate effortless endless speech – authorities conduct automated, and hence unbiased personalized assessments of “speaking and listening" skills. * Call Centres use MyET for voice modulation & accent neutralization (MTI) – and even modifying to an American or British native. Highlights: * Patent awarded by 9 leading nations including that of developed western countries * Already bundled with HP and ACER PCs in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan etc. * Private servers for universities and big educational chains * Language Lab on USB flash-drive works on LAN as well – world's smallest but still the most economical despite being widely patented Free Trial: °

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Lambodar Rout

Founder & Lead Career Counsellor @

Mr Lambodar Rout is a leading career counsellor and admission guidance expert. He has an experience of more than 10 years. He started career counselling as a hobby but after observing the wide need of this among the students, invested himself dedicatedly into the field. From his experience, he realized that a large number of students have little or no information regarding what career to select and even if they decide their career, they are ignorant towards the admission procedure for different colleges and Universities. This lack of information impact career of many students and some bright students don’t get a fair chance of getting admission in the college of their choice. To find a solution to this, he started Edunom Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2009 to serve the students sincerely where he has a pool of career counsellors who help the students in their respective fields. Through Edunom, he is supporting students from all the fields that include medical science, engineering, management courses, etc. in India and Abroad. He has been actively involved in workshops, seminars and shows taking place across the country where he addresses students, motivates them and answer their career queries. He has been doing a number of TV shows also on Total News and Dish TV from ZEE Group where he provides answers to the students’ career related queries and help them in achieving their career goals by showing them the right career path. He has done several such shows where students can ask questions and get the answers in the real time. Till date, he has conducted over 100 career counselling sessions in different schools, colleges and Universities and has impacted more than 20,000 students. His efforts have been widely appreciated and he has been awarded ‘India Excellence Award 2017’ for the most promising career counsellor in Delhi. He has an academic background of doing PGDBM from ITM, Ghaziabad and to enhance his learning, he is currently pursuing PhD from Noida International University, Greater Noida. He believes that learning should never be stopped and remaining in academics keeps him updated of all the upcoming trends in education and different industries. In addition, he is a member of several career forums which helps him to remain updated and he thus, provides information to the students regarding emerging careers as well. He is an ardent believer of following the trends in career and thus helps the students to remain prepared of all the changes that are happening in their respective career industry.

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Kaushal Shakya

Career Counselor & Admission Manager (International)

An Educator and Technology Expert who has been actively working in the field of Career Counseling & guiding students about various opportunities available for them depending upon their areas of interest. Currently, Assistant Professor & Admission Manager for International Students from India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh.

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Suchi Gupta

Education Counsellor & Overseas Students Recruitment

• Counseling students for admission and visa for countries like UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Singapore • Participate in Education fairs and Events

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Aarti Natarajan Sharma

Freelance Education Consultant

I have over 13 years experience in the Education sector. My skills include writing, counseling and communication. Specialties: Writing, Interpersonal communication, Counseling. My forte is in guiding students for overseas admissions from A-Z, i.e. from choosing the right course/country/university to applying to essays and resume guidance to following up for offers. I am also proficient with the UK visas.

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