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Ashish Pandey

Counselor & Life Coach at Rightcareer4u

I believe that counselling play a important part in career planning. So many youths and students faces dilemma while opting right career. So to overcome that they need a personal guidance. Here I do Career Planning for these students. For employees and working professionals, stress is a word which everyone faces in their work profile, and this work stress disturbs their personal life too. So I help and assist such employees and working professionals by the help of Counselling to overcome their stress and fear of feeling over loaded with work.

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Raksha Kamani

Career Counselor

Ms. Raksha is a C. S , she had been into career counseling right after her college and had worked with different academic counseling organization. She is CEo of PR career solution and is committed to provide her guidance and mentor -ship to students of all age group at various levels.

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