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Dr. Jyot Mohanlal

Consultancy, Industry Academic Interface, for schools & colleges

Students counsellor ResExperiential Conceptual Designs for Indian consumers market. Marketing of Social services. Strategic Management for Personality Development of Teenagers, Parenting of Teenagers, Adolescence Education. Work for the physical, emotional, reproductive healthcare of teenagers and youth in western India. Work towards life skills development for youth. Career guidance for BBA, MBA, UPSC, GPSC.

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Tejas Bildikar

Career Counsellor and Co-Founder of CANVAS CAREER

Mr Tejas is a practicing Career Psychologist. He is a certified Master Trainer of Life Skills from (Khemka Foundation) Delhi and holds more than five year of experience as Career Psychologist and life skill trainer. He has counselled around 50,000+ students over conferences in various part of country .Scholarships and competitive exams are his special areas.

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Meghna Vora

Career Counselor

Ms. Meghna is a owner of Shiksh Vikas and is an expert in Career Counseling and Career Coaching she keeps her main focus on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues in order to provide right solution to an individual or student regarding a career query. She has had a extensive experience in education management and is well versed in her field of counseling and guidance.

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