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Dr. Soni Kewalramani

Psychologist, Corporate Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dr. Soni is a PhD in an organizational psychology from Lucknow University; she is one of the youngest PhD guilds in India. She has worked as a senior lecturer in Amity University teaching M.Phill and master’s students. She is associated with organizations like Indian Army, Hindustan Aeronautical Limited or Health and Education Ministry of UP government or corporate giant like Reliance, TCS and Vodafone as a corporate trainer. She is certified as hypnotherapist from USA. She also got several papers published in her own esteem field.

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Dr Deepak Nandvanshi

Sr. Psychologist and president at Khushi foundation.

Dr. Deepak is a Ph.D in clinical psychology. He is the president of khushi foundation which works towards betterment of health, education, cultural, rural development and promotion of economic development. He is a expert in Psychological Testing, Diagnosis of Psychological Disorder, Career Counseling and Psychotherapy.

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Dr. Kavita

Clinical Psychologist At Khushi Foundation

Dr. Kavita is Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She works as a psychologist in Center for Child and Family Counseling, Lucknow. She had been associated with this field. Her extensive experience includes child counseling, teenager counseling, career suggestion, career counseling,, talent acquisition, team management, human resource etc. she is a part of several counseling community sharing her knowledge and solution with different age groups.

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