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Jyoti Prakash Singh

Humane. Hearty. Adviser. Strategic Thinker. Serial Entrepreneur. Mover & Shaker. Most Connected on

Humane. Hearty. Adviser. Strategic Thinker. Serial Entrepreneur. Mover & Shaker. Most Connected on

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Dr Ramya Singh

patented mLearning softskills – acquired from 10 countries – 1.8M regd users...1-on-1 platform for fluent spoken English

* Majority are still offering the so called multimedia that are not the right solution to train the “Organs of Speech” – might be okay for understanding. Many use Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) – an open source – but the users simply cannot compare these generic graphs manually – a user doesn't know on how to improve. * Some use String Comparator that simply says “yes” or “no” – a recent extension, percentage score pops up in the exact ratio the number of words in that sentence – obviously, only one parameter, "Spoke" or "didn't" – and hence no feedback on how to improve. * Automatic Speech Analysis System (ASAS©) – patented – pinpoints the exact problems, which Syllable/ Phoneme – and hence provides instant scores on four different parameters, and hence auto-personalized detailed feedback on how to improve the specifics. * Internet-games-like self-competition-creating ASAS© programs the subconscious mind unknowingly to speak the most frequent words, unit ideas and expressions fluidly. * All content including the accent on any subject as per any curriculum may be transformed using ASAS© * Trainers make the most of blended-learning and assign “listening & speaking” homework – scores auto-log at the alma mater. * CBSE, AICTE, NSDC or Staffing & Recruiting organizations use MyET to self-generate effortless endless speech – authorities conduct automated, and hence unbiased personalized assessments of “speaking and listening" skills. * Call Centres use MyET for voice modulation & accent neutralization (MTI) – and even modifying to an American or British native. Highlights: * Patent awarded by 9 leading nations including that of developed western countries * Already bundled with HP and ACER PCs in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan etc. * Private servers for universities and big educational chains * Language Lab on USB flash-drive works on LAN as well – world's smallest but still the most economical despite being widely patented Free Trial: °

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