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4 Skills to Make Your CV Stand Out

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With employment rates on the rise, it’s easy to assume that finding a job you love is easier than ever. However, employers are increasingly looking for people to join their companies who have some amazing skills because this way, they know they have the best chance of hiring employees who will do wonders for the future of their business. There are countless skills you will hear of that make your CV stand out, but whittling these down to an all-important few can be difficult. To ensure your CV impresses your potential bosses, you should work on the following four key skills that you can add to it.

Great communication

Arguably the most important skill of all, good communication is something that every employer looks for, regardless of which job you are applying for.This is because it paints you as being a reliable worker, who can work well both in a team and away from the boss. One of the biggest components of great communication is confidence, which you can build on every day using some important tools. You should also make sure to adapt quickly to changes in mobile technology so that you can reply to emails and calls in seconds.

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Language skills

Communicating effectively in your native language is one thing, but in a globalised world, having another language added to your repertoire is becoming more important than in previous years. Languages such as German and Chinese are essential to some companies on their road to reaching international success. The latter language is best learned at revered educational institutions such as If you can speak a language such as this fluently, you can show potential employers how interacting with foreign clients and investors is easy for you by showcasing it on your CV.


When employers are looking through CVs for people to add to their team, they won’t be searching for someone who needs all their demands met before those of the company. Flexibility regarding both time and job specification is something that fast-paced companies have always looked for in potential employees. Not only does it show that you are willing to commit fully to a role, but it means you will be able to grow better within the company. Itcould mean progressing further and more quickly in your career, or it could mean sustaining a strong level of camaraderie with your colleagues.


Finding a solution to a problem is something that many people find difficult. For those who have a creative mindset, it can be easier to find innovative solutions that go above and beyond what potential bosses might expect. Dynamic companies usually look for those who can think outside the box in the workplace, as they are interested in new ways to grow and make their business stand out from all the rest. Showcasing your creativity on your CV can be done through both word and design. If your CV visually appeals more than others to employers, they will immediately know of your creative skills.

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